11 last-minute gift ideas for grandmothers and others to give and get

Time's ticking and if you still have a few stockings to fill or a few gifts to give, here are some simple gift ideas to consider. I tested out each — free for review — and give an honest thumbs-up to all.

A few are ideal for grandmas to give, a few more ideal for grandmas to get. Bonus: All can be ordered online, so no need to be out and about in the snow. (Note: There are NO affiliate links in this post.)

RING IT GAME ($14.99, BlueOrangeGames.com)

ring it game

Oh my goodness! My four-year-old grandson loves this game, even though it's designed for ages 5 and up. It was simple for him to learn and play yet fun for his older brother — and his mother and grandmother — too. Bonus: It has a loud bell and what kid can resist ringing a loud bell... over and over and over?

Here's how Ring It works:


BOLA GLASSES HOLDER ($19.95 plus free shipping, bolaformyglasses.com)

I lose my glasses all. the. time. Even when I have a pair in nearly every room of my house plus a spare in my purse. The attractive Bola glasses holder works wonders and keeps my glasses at hand.

bola glasses holder

The inexpensive accessory was lightweight, comes in various stylish options, and is a simple solution to a problem that plagues many — as long as you remember it's hanging around your neck (something it took me a while to recall when I set out in search of my specs). Plus, it's a super stocking stuffer!


HUM BY VERIZON ($14.99 a month plus free device, hum.com)

If you have a relatively new driver in the home or a senior driver whose driving — or vehicle — causes concern, the hum system by verizon is a must have. It's also a great device and service to have yourself, especially if you spend much time on the road, especially if you're doing so alone.

hum by verizon

Check out my full review here — which also gives you the opportunity to enter to win a hum by verizon (entries accepted through Dec. 21, 2015).


JUST DANCE: DISNEY PARTY 2 ($19.99, Ubisoft.com)

just dance disney party 2 

Get Disney Channel fans up, moving about and dancing to their favorite Disney Channel tunes with this new edition of the popular game (available on multiple game platforms).

There's a "Just Create" mode that allows kids to create their own dance routines and be Disney Party stars themselves. I especially appreciate the "Parent's Corner" that allows parents and grandparents to use tools such as the fitness tracker and custom playlists.


DISNEY PRINCESS: A MAGICAL POP-UP WORLD by Matthew Rinehart ($65, InsightEditions.com)

disney princesses magical pop up world

Speaking of Disney, who doesn't love the Disney princesses? (Well, perhaps some boys and men don't, but the next listing will please them.) This exquisite volume will delight fans of Snow White and Tiana and every princess that came between. A beauty that must be seen to grasp how the magic unfolds in this volume destined to become an heirloom collectible.


ENCYCLOPEDIA PREHISTORICA DINOSAURS by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart ($34.99, Candlewick.com)

Encyclopedia prehistorica dinosaurs

Matthew Reinehart's artistic magic is on display again in this fabulous volume that brings to life the T. Rex, Anklosaurus, Deinocheirus, and a roster of many more dinos with names I can't pronounce. The amazing pop-ups come from not only the center of each spread, but every page has top and bottom corner pop-ups to explore.



sherlock holmes miniature dollhouse book

This collectible book is an exact replica of the miniature book Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created for Queen Mary's Dollhouse. Included in the case is a booklet with intriguing information on the famous dollhouse as well as the author's connection to it. A treasure for book — and dollhouse — lovers of all ages.


HISTORIUM curated by Richard Wilkinson and Jo Nelson ($23.33 on Amazon, BigPicturePress.net)


An oversized (10.9 X 14.8) hardcover book that serves as an intriguing, photo-filled museum for history buffs of all ages. My history-loving husband pored over its pages for hours. Each chapter — titled as "Gallery," not chapter — highlights artifacts (and info on them) from different ancient cultures, from Korea's Silla dynasty to Ancient Rome. My fave: Gallery 2, which shares amazing info and pieces from the Olmec, Maya, Aztecs, Hopewell, and Pueblo.

WORLD ALMANAC AND BOOK OF FACTS 2016 ($14.99, WorldAlmanac.com)

world almanac 2016

Folks who enjoy trivia, fact finding, and learning more and more and more have been enjoying this No. 1 best-selling reference book since its debut in 1868. What's in the 2016 edition? 

  • The World at a Glance—A quick look at the surprising stats and curious facts that define the changing world today.
  • 2015 Year in Sports
  • 2015 Year in Pictures
  • 2015 Top 10 News Topics
  • 2016 Election Guide
  • U.S. Immigration: A Statistical Feature
  • Employment Statistics
  • Time Capsule
  • Offbeat News Stories
  • World Almanac® Editors' Picks: Most Memorable Super Bowls
  • 16 pages of world maps and flags and easy-to-use side tabs
  • and much more.


SAM'S SANDWICH by David Pelham ($9.99, Candlewick.com)

sam's sandwich

Another new edition of a long-time classic, this one for kids. It's the 25th anniversary edition of  the story of sneaky Sam who sneaks icky stuff into his sister's sandwich. Things such as snails and centipedes and other slimy stuff. Will Samantha notice? Time will tell. Will readers enjoy opening the flaps of the page-size sandwich ingredients in search of the yuck? Oh, yeah! A tasty treat to savor again and again.


I LOVE HUGS by Camilla de la Bedoyere ($12.95, QEB Publishing)

i love hugs book

Everyone loves hugs, and there's no better holiday hug than this adorable book filled with animals of all sorts hugging and snuggling and spreading sweet cheer. Bold photo spreads with heartwarming words on hugs plus info on the animals ("when newborn pandas are born they are as tiny as an apple") make this a picture book to be shared... while holding and hugging a child sitting in the reader's lap.

Disclosure: I received these gift items free for review; opinions are my own.