10 things stolen by a bug

The afternoon before Easter, I came down with a bug. That bug stole from me several very important things. What follows is the short list of what was burgled by the bug in the days since its arrival.


Gracious hosting. Brianna has a new beau whom Jim and I really like. And Brianna really likes. That new beau and his adorable son (who's almost exactly the same age as Bubby) visited my house the Saturday before Easter for an egg hunt Brianna had planned for the kiddo. I did my best to happily say hello, despite my encroaching bugginess. I did not say goodbye, though, as I had no choice but retire to bed mid afternoon. I felt like a heel for hitting the sack while guests were in my house. <sniff>

Easter service. We enjoy Easter service, go pretty much every single Easter (except for other times I've been sick... oh, and one time when all three girls awoke with chicken pox on Easter morning). We didn't go this year. Because of that blasted bug.

Easter photos. Every single Easter I take photos of my family in our Easter finery before we head out to church. We didn't go to church so we didn't wear Easter finery. So I didn't take photos. Not even of our not-so-fine attire. I knew this one really did matter when Andrea asked me to please take a photo of her and her beau with her phone just as the day was ending, just for the record. <sniff>

Exercise — for me and my dogs. I've not walked my dogs in nearly two weeks. Because of the bug. The dogs are quite bugged by this.

My motivation. I've not cleaned, cooked or commented on other blogs (or my own) the way I should have in the last nearly two weeks. I've also not written or revised or read as I've wanted, either. My motivation has puddled at my feet for days on end. Blechy, blechy bug is to blame.

Jump-started seeds. (Related to the item above.) I had planned for months to start various flower and veggie seeds early this year. I planned to do it last week. I didn't do it. The bug stole that from me... which means it stole some flowers and perhaps even decent-sized fall pumpkins, too. Oh, the thievery!

My vanity. Okay, it's best this is gone, but still. See, I refuse to let folks other than immediate family see me without makeup on. (I don't wear much but I do prefer at least my undereye circles covered.) The other night, though, Brianna and her new awesome fella wanted to make an impromptu visit to bring me some yummy food she'd made. I had no makeup on. I balked... a little. Then said c'mon over. Which was monumental considering I've had face time with the fella only a handful of times, all with makeup on. Yet he was gracious about my not-so-chipper appearance. I think we can now consider him family.

My smile. I'm really not smiling much lately... for obvious reasons.

My tissues and toilet paper. I used it all. ALL. I've replaced it, of course (thank heavens for online grocery shopping!)... but I continue to use both on my nose. My nose in particular is not happy about this one.

My patience. That blasted bug is still here despite the many OTC remedies and folk remedies I've thrown in its path. I've had enough. My patience is gone. I'm demanding it immediately vacate the premises. Leave town. I have places to go and people to see next week and it sure as <cuss> better be outta here well before then. Like now. Yes, NOW. Pretty please...?

Today's question:

What is your go-to remedy for battling a coughing-aching-sniffling-sneezing-stuffy-head-fever-I-need-some-<cuss>-rest bug?