10 things I'd happily pay others to do

I don't dust my house as often as I should. I did dust this past weekend, though, and throughout the chore — three floors of thirty-plus years worth of accumulated stuff that needs dusting — I continually thought to myself, "Now this is one of those things I'd happily pay others to do... if only I had the money."

Here are 10 more things I'd happily to pay others to do... if only I had the money:

dollar bill

Clean the cat boxes. Two cats. Two boxes. I shall say no more.

Prepare the soil for my gardening. I need this mostly because I don't know how to do it correctly, as proved by my annual failure at fruitful gardening.

Wash windows. Smudges from dog noses on the inside, smudges from birds smashing into them — the windows not the dogs — on the outside. Clearly, my windows need cleaning.

Vacuum my house. This is Jim's chore but did I mention we have three floors? And a big ol' Dyson, the purple one for pets? It's big. It's heavy. It's a drag to drag up and down three flights of stairs. So, yes, I'd pay for someone else to do it instead of Jim... if I had the money... because I'm nice like that (and because I'm thankful it's not me lugging the Dyson up and down the stairs).

Shovel snow. This is Jim's chore, too. Usually. Jim was quite sick the last couple times it snowed, though, so I shoveled. I would have happily paid someone else to do it.

Get me in shape. I know, I know... I can't pay someone else to eat less and exercise more for me, but someone can serve as my personal trainer and force me to eat less — or more healthily — and exercise more. Ah, if only I had the money. (Or the willpower. What a novel idea... which would require no money at all.)

Write and address Christmas cards. Yes, I still feel guilty I didn't get them sent out last Christmas. Or the Christmas before. Thank heavens I have nearly a year to prepare to get them out this year. Or to earn enough money to pay someone else to do it.

Color my hair. Yes, I color my own hair. I wouldn't if I had the money to pay someone else to do it.

While on the topic of beauty... I'd pretty much happily pay someone else to tweeze and shape my brows. Perhaps they could nab the errant chin hair now and then, too. Why pay someone else to do this simple chore? Because I can't freakin' see well enough anymore to do it cleanly, completely. At least not without my reading glasses and sometimes not even then. (Maybe I should pay someone to apply my makeup, too, for that's when the vision issue really comes into play. Many of you likely understand the difficulty of wearing readers to try to apply eye makeup... thus making it impossible to apply the makeup because you can't reach the eye because the glasses are in the way.)

And the NUMBER ONE thing I'd happy pay others to do:
Grocery shop! Yes, that chore I despise. Get this, though: I am going to pay someone to grocery shop for me. Today. Through the King Soopers delivery service. I've heard the amount saved in impulse purchases made while in the store is more than the cost of purchasing online and using the delivery service. Which means this is one thing I'd happily pay others to do that I (kinda sorta) already have the money to pay for. Yahoo! Let's go shopping... online.

shopping carts

Today's question:

What would you happily pay others to do — or perhaps already do?