Worth watching: "The Penniless Princess" from VeggieTales

Fans of A Little Princess, the book or movie version, will find plenty to love about the latest VeggieTales DVD, The Penniless Princess: God's Little Girl. As British-accented and smoking jacket-bedecked Larry (the Cucumber) the First points out in the Masterpiece Theater-style opening to the inspiring story of Sara Crewe, The Penniless Princess is based on the beloved classic by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

I recently received a free DVD of The Penniless Princess for review and brought it to the desert to watch with Bubby, Mac, and mommy Megan. Mac, being just over a year old, wasn't all that thrilled with it, but Bubby, Megan, and I enjoyed the show.

Rather than give you my own rundown of the story, the following trailer provides an official sneak peak at the most recent silly-yet-sweet treat from VeggieTales:

What we loved about the DVD: The Penniless Princess closely follows the original story of The Little Princess and has a dramatic, sweeping feel I've not yet found in the always cute and worthwhile VeggieTales DVDs. Whether that's because I'm a fan of The Little Princess movie, I'm not sure. I like the fact this is a VeggieTales program that leans more to the feminine side, as most of those I've seen (and I admit, that's not a lot) have been more for boys. Bubby still appreciated the story, though, and was quite empathetic toward little Sara Crewe and others who were not being treated kindly.

I especially appreciated the moral of the story, considering the rough economic times of late, that we all should know our own true worth and trust in God, no matter what happens in life.

Megan's favorite part of the DVD was, hands-down, the bonus feature singalong "Silly Song" Best Friends Forever in which two little Veggie gals sing about being BFFs. The song, full of texting lingo that went right over Bubby's head, made Megan and me literally LOL...and replay the feature so we could LOL again and again at the part in which the animated girls do indeed ROTFL. So cute—and an earworm, for sure, once you figure out all the abbreviations.

Additional bonus features include a special tour of London with the French Peas, a silly history of the Teddy Bear, behind-the-scenes clips and a discussion guide for parents.

The Penniless Princess—God's Little Girl was released August 14 and can be purchased on the VeggieTales website for $14.99.

You can make a great gift set for a birthday or other special occasion by purchasing the VeggieTales "365 Daystarter Devos for Girls" for $6.97 to go along with it.

Disclosure: I received a free DVD and book for review purposes. Opinions are my own, with input from my merry band of fellow reviewers (Megan, Bubby, and Mac).