Review party: FyrFlyz

I recently posted my opinions and experience—as well as those of my husband and my youngest daughter—on a nifty new toy called FyrFlyz. We are all adults, though, so the real test would be what kids had to say about the toy.

The perfect opportunity to share FyrFlyz with kids arose during the holidays. At our annual family cookie swap, a few of my nieces and nephews, ages 8 on up through 18, gave the gadgets a spin. Literally. Here are highlights from that review party, with a toy for each of the testers provided by FyrFlyz.

It took the kids a few minutes to get the hang of things, but literally only minutes. Then they were off and running. They (and their mom and grandma) immediately loved the FyrFlyz.


It was quickly discovered that their only two suggestions for improvement—the ability to shorten the strings for those with shorter arms plus ideas for bells, whistles, and noise—were already covered. The strings can indeed be shortened (and were for one of the younger boys), and noise is readily available once you figure out how to get the FyrFlyz whizzing.


Of course, even more noise would be the kids, not by the parents, to be sure.

You've seen what my toy testers looked like while playing with FyrFlyz; now here's a sampling of what they had to say:

"This is tight!"

"It's a workout! This is like the new shape-up shakers." (Referring to those weights for adults that you shake while working out.)

"These are really, really cool."

"This is actually pretty awesome."

There were also lots of "Wow!" and "Look at this!" statements flying about the room.

Bottom line: The FyrFlyz passed the test with flying colors, with kids of a variety of ages, with both boys and girls.

FyrFlyz retail for less than $10. Find where to buy FyrFlyz near you by clicking HERE.