Review: Inflatable Batman Pool from Pottery Barn Kids

Bubby thinks that of all the products I've received to review for Grandma's Briefs readers, the very coolest of all has been the inflatable Batman pool from Pottery Barn Kids. Bubby is the ultimate Batman fan, so it's not hard to see why he loves the oversized inflatable Batmobile that sprays water from its fenders and allows him to splash, play, and pretend in true Batman style.

I'm not a Batman fan, yet I'm inclined to agree with Bubby on this one: The Batman pool I received free to review from Pottery Barn Kids is indeed one of the coolest items a grandma could share with her grandsons. Especially a grandson who's a fan of the caped crusader.

There are many reasons beyond Bubby's love for Batman that I think the pool is a great product. First of all, it's not as expensive as one might believe, retailing for $159 on the Pottery Barn Kids website (and on sale there for $99 the date of this review). Plus, it's pretty darn easy to inflate—as long as you have a pump for inflating (sold separately). Jim had the various chambers of the pool blown up and the car ready for filling—with water, not gas, of course—in no time.

Once the pool was filled, we tested out the water-spraying fender feature by hooking up the garden hose. Awesome, indeed, but because we had the pool placed on the patio and the spraying water rolled downhill right into the sand area where our grandsons dig for buried treasure, we opted for leaving the hose unhooked for most of the boys' visit.

I had texted a photo of the inflated and filled pool to Megan the day before she arrived with the boys. When she showed Bubby, his immediate response was, "We have to go there now!" Which left no doubt that he'd be thrilled to hop in the driver's seat as soon as he arrived at Gramma's.

The pool in real life didn't fail to meet Bubby's expectations.

Mac was a tad more hesitant. That's to be expected, though, from a kiddo who just turned one—and who has no idea who the heck Batman is or how awesome all things Batman must be.

What we loved most about the Batman pool from Pottery Barn Kids: The pool was large and held plenty of water but not so much I had to worry about it being too deep for Mac. The design provided plenty of opportunities for imaginative play. The quality and thickness of the material removed concerns that the slightest bit of silliness and squirming might pop it. The water shooting from the fenders adds excitement for the kids, yet I was glad the spray could not only be regulated by the water pressure but also didn't have to be on every time the pool was used. Lastly, it's super easy to deflate and fold up for storage. The packed pool fit perfectly in Preston's golf bag so it could be flown back to the desert for the boys to enjoy at home—which they did immediately upon arriving home:

What we didn't love so much: Bubby would have been thrilled if the horn on the steering wheel actually honked. For me, the pool lost air a tad more quickly than I'd hoped, requiring us to pump it up each morning so the boys could enjoy it at its fullest glory. Not a big deal, really, thanks to having an air pump (again, not included but only about $10 through various retailers).

Bottom line: I knew Bubby would love the inflatable Batman pool from Pottery Barn Kids the minute it arrived at my door—unannounced, mind you. I was so moved, in fact, by the prospect of sharing something so perfectly, awesomely Bubby with him that I literally sobbed upon opening it. Which I've never done with any other review item. Which is proof enough, I suppose, that Bubby was right: The inflatable Batman pool really is the coolest kids' product I've received for review.

Visit Pottery Barn Kids to find out more about the inflatable Batman pool as well as other awesome inflatables and cool things grandparents will be delighted to share with their grandkids.

Disclosure: I received this product free for review. Opinions are my own.