Peonies from (review)

Based on the lovely, amazing, productive, and responsible women my daughters have become, I'd have to say I'm pretty good at growing girls.*

Based on the colorless condition of my yard year 'round, though, I'd have to admit I'm no good at all when it comes to growing gardens or flowery sorts of stuff.

Which stinks because I'd like to be one of those people who display colorful cut flowers throughout my home. Sure, I could regularly purchase bouquets from the florist, plop them in a vase, and add water, but that gets expensive. And the flowers die — even for folks who have a natural knack with flowers.

Thankfully I need no knack nor green thumb nor natural know-how of any sort to have colorful flowers on display year 'round because recently supplied me with a gorgeous, natural looking, silk peony assortment free for review.

pretty peony side 1.jpg

The decorative glass container filled with peonies, roses, and other colorful additions (for which I don't know the names because I'm a wee bit flower illiterate) creates a good-sized arrangement, measuring about 14 by 18 by 10 inches. With fake water to finish off the pretty piece of summery sorts of stuff I plan to display on my dining room table most months of the year.

When I perused the offerings from to make my selection for the review as directed by the representative, I clicked through page after page in the extensive collection of silk plants, trees, blooms, and arrangements in search of something colorful, not too "arranged" looking, a centerpiece not stuffy yet special and a natural fit for my laid-back yet old-fashioned style.

The assorted peony selection (MSRP $111.99) was perfect. When I let the rep know which arrangement to send me, I told him I want it to look exactly like it does in the picture:

site photo.jpg

My review arrangement arrived soon after, safely shipped as such:

peony in box.jpg

I excitedly pulled it from the box, set it on the table... and was disappointed. The flowers were pretty, the vase real glass and nice, but the stems of the assortment were stuck perfectly vertical in the fake water making the entire thing seem sadly unnatural.

1st peony 2.JPG

What cut flowers stand straight up smack dab in the middle of the vase? Not real ones, and I wanted it to look real, exactly like they did in the picture.

1st peony.jpg

As the stems were firmly in place in the acrylic "water," I couldn't lean the stems to any degree. I eventually resorted to bending them this way and that, crossing my fingers I wouldn't crack the "water" or break the stems.

After a few days of letting the arrangement settle and poking peonies and other pieces into positions I preferred, I finally had a pleasing and natural-looking arrangement I fell in love with.

pretty peony side 2.jpg

A (slightly blurry) walk-around of my pleasingly pushed into place peony arrangement:


Despite my initial disappointment with the way the flower arranger placed the stems in unnatural and staid spots in the acrylic, I truly do love my peony piece and am happy to direct readers to The site has pages and pages of silk flowers and plants and trees and single blooms and beautiful bouquets — so many faux but long-lasting (and easy to clean) selections to match any decor, any flora and fauna faves folks might have.

*Honestly, I've just been magnificently blessed with the girls God granted me!

Disclosure: I received this product free for review; opinions are my own.