North America: 7-part Discovery series now on DVD (Review)

I've seen very little of the world, very little even of North America and the United States. At least not in person. Thanks to Discovery, though, I can see it far better on my television than I could ever manage in person. 

North America, the magnificent seven-part series from Discovery, is now available on DVD. Hosted by Tom Selleck and featuring unbelievable photography of our vast continent and its wild inhabitants, the two-disc set includes the following original episodes:

  • Born to be Wild
  • No Place to Hide
  • Learn Young or Die
  • The Savage Edge
  • Outlaws and Skeletons
  • North America Revealed
  • Top Ten

Bonus features on the DVD include extended footage, a filmmakers' commentary and the "Atomospheric Audio Experience" (music and nature sounds).

The spectacular footage on North America immediately captivates... and makes you ask "How in the world did they capture that?" again and again. Commentary from photographers near the end of each episode help enlighten viewers. Still, it's truly amazing.

What sets North America apart from other similar DVDs I've had the privilege of reviewing is that North America has a sense of humor, thanks to Tom Selleck's narration as well as the titling from the creators. For example, this humorously titled clip called "Never mess with a chipmunk's nuts:"

There are many similarly humorous moments throughout North America. I only wish there'd been a clip of the hilarious mating ritual of exotic birds, set to "The Mambo Craze" by De-Phazz.

The music accompanying that and many other scenes is another thing that sets North America apart from other nature DVDs. I'm not talking grand scores while the camera scans the countryside (though there are such shots). No, I mean the selection of contemporary music with incredibly captured moments. Think "Black Betty" by Huddie Ledbetter playing while wild mustangs battle one another. "Gimme Shelter" from The Rolling Stones as the soundtrack for incredible tornado footage. Lenny Kravitz's "I Love the Rain" playing along with a lightning storm. And my favorite: Etta James singing "Sway" during an extravagant hummingbird courting ritual. Plus many more.

One thing my husband and I found interesting about North America was that much of the action and attention seemed focused on areas in the western portion of North America, with just bits here and there on things west of the Mississippi. Understandable, I suppose, considering it is the wild, wild west.

East or west, the beauty of this magnificent place we call home shines through on North America.

North America from Discovery is available on DVD, with a list price of $29.93. For more info and to purchase — and to see more video clips from North America — visit Discovery's North America site.

Disclosure: I received this product free for review as part of the Entertainment New Media Network. Opinions are my own.