Ming Wang Knits make busy women look good, feel confident (Review recap)

When I was first approached by Ming Wang Knits regarding working together to highlight their fall collection of versatile knit pieces for busy women, I wasn't too sure what to expect. One look at the collection on the Ming Wang Knits website left me with no doubt the pieces are lovely. But as someone who steers away from knit clothing that hugs the body and reveals every bump and bulge, I did have doubts about how lovely the apparel might look on me.

Still, I dove right in, delighted with the opportunity to showcase the clothing, which I was sent free for review, at the BBC-Dallas conference as well as the Starz Denver Film Festival. I'm so thankful I did. Wearing the Ming Wang Knits pieces boosted my confidence — without revealing a single bump or bulge.

My Ming Wang Knits Experience

Ming Wang Knits 

I've written about my original intentions for trying out Ming Wang Knits, wearing the Geometric Reversible Print Cape ($289 at Nordstrom) and 'Priscilla' pull-on knit pants ($159 at Nordstrom) to the opening Red Carpet event at the Starz Denver Film Festival, the closing Red Carpet event at the festival, and wearing both pieces during the BBC-Dallas blogging conference in between the two red carpet events.

Yet I haven't written about how Ming Wang Knits lives up to all that the brand promises. Here I will do just that, all based on my own experience wearing the pieces, all my own opinions.

Following are claims from the Ming Wang Knits website and clothing labels about the attire plus my thoughts on each:

Comfortable fit — This feature tops the list for me because I am not one to wear uncomfortable clothing simply because it looks good. I don't wear high heals or Spanx, and I definitely don't wear outfits only because they're attractive. Comfort is No. 1 in my fashion book, and Ming Wang Knits surprised me with how truly comfortable each piece was. While looking great, I might add.

Wrinkle-free — True, for sure. When the clothing arrived at my door, I removed it from the package and there were no wrinkles at all. When I packed my suitcase for the blogging conference, the pieces were folded right up with less fancy finery and they all came out of the bag looking great, with no wrinkles. When I later told my oldest daughter how incredibly wrinkle-free the pieces are, she urged me to, next time I take a trip, scrunch at least one of the pieces up into a ball as tight as can be and cram it in my case, just to see what it looks like when pulled out after traveling. I just might do that. I have a feeling there will still be no wrinkles.

Machine washable — The labels say "Machine or Hand Wash. Cold Water. No Tumble Dry. Natural Dry. No Bleach." I followed those directions to a T and was pleased by the results. It would have been awesome if I could have thrown the pieces in the dryer (to save time, to be honest), but it was no big deal to dry flat on my bar counter near the laundry room. All three pieces looked fab once dry, though I did throw them into the dryer for a quick no-heat tumble just to fluff them up a tad.

Fade-resistant — I've only laundered the pieces a few times so far, but I see no evidence of fading.

Travel friendly — So true! The pieces are lightweight and folded right up to fit in my carry-on bag with no problems, no worries, no exorbitant weight. When I arrived in Dallas for the blogging convention, I had one hour to get ready. I pulled the Skyscraper Dress from my suitcase, threw it on, fluffed my hair, took a photo and headed out the door. And felt confident in how I looked, to boot.

Flawlessly transition from day to night — That dress pulled from my suitcase? I wore it for the first conference sessions, through to the cocktail hour and on into the dinner hour. It transitioned flawlessly, without me ever feeling as though I should question my attire or run into the restroom to make sure I still looked okay. On the red carpets, same thing. I took photos and played journalist in both, then flawlessly transitioned into confident movie goer amongst the fancy-clad film folks and celebrities enjoying the events.

Refined basics for women of all body types — Size options are S-XL for Missy and 0X-3X for Women's. I'm a little bit short (5'4") and a little bit stout (no need to share the poundage number), but the Ming Wang Knits pieces all looked great, without any special consideration for my height or weight.  The knit pants were a wee bit long but a wee bit of a heel took care of that just fine.

Bottom line

I love Ming Wang Knits. I was comfortable in the classic pieces I had the pleasure of reviewing. They're perfect for busy women who want stylish, low-maintenance wear for day, evening, at home and on the road. Sure, they're more expensive than some clothing lines, but considering the versatility, durability, travel ability, quality, comfort and classic styling, Ming Wang Knits are worth every penny.

The Ming Wang Knits philosophy reads, “Redefining a woman’s relationship with her wardrobe.” They certainly raised the bar on my wardrobe and made me love it a whole lot more than before. I look forward to wearing the Ming Wang Knits pieces for holiday events.

See? Ming Wang Knits are perfectly suited for not only red carpets and conferences but the holidays, too. You can't get much more versatile than that.

Find out more about the knit collections at Ming Wang Knits. Learn more by following Ming Wang Knits on Twitter and on Facebook, too.

Disclosure: I was provided free apparal to review. All opinions, anecdotes and photos in this post are my own.