Ming Wang Knits: All wow and no wrinkles for conferences, red carpets and more

Finding fabulous women's attire can be a challenge at times. Even more so when seeking outfits that travel well and are wrinkle-free out of the suitcase. And if you want all that in something that's machine washable, odds are you need good luck on your side to come up with a winning result.

Let's just say I recently had good luck and more on my side when Ming Wang Knits contacted me about their 2013 Fall Collection. I'd been wondering and worrying about what to wear for two exceptional events I'll be attending in the next two weeks, and now I need wonder no more.

I'm thrilled to tell you that Ming Wang Knits has offered me, for free, two fabulous outfits to wear not only to Bloggy Boot Camp - Brand Edition in Dallas this weekend, but to wear while snapping photos and taking notes during Red Carpet events at the Starz Denver Film Festival.

The outfits provided by Ming Wang Knits are timeless and elegant yet sensible designs perfectly fitting my desired style for the events. And as the boot camp is in Dallas and the film festival is in Denver, wearing the apparel for the events will be the perfect opportunity to put to the test the claim that Ming Wang Knits pieces retain their shape and color, are travel friendly and are 100-percent machine washable.

First up will be the Nov. 6 Starz Denver Film Festival Red Carpet screening of LABOR DAY, starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin. On the red carpet will be Joyce Maynard, writer of the novel on which the film is based, and others. I'll be there wearing the Geometric Print Cape and black 'Priscilla' pants from Ming Wang Knits. It's going to be a chilly evening in Denver, so the ensemble (with a long-sleeve knit top under the cape) is the perfect choice for looking good while staying warm.

Take a look at Ming Wang Knits' Geometric Reversible Print Cape ($289 at Nordstrom) and 'Priscilla' pull-on knit pants ($159 at Nordstrom).

Now, a glimpse of what I look like in the outfits, how I'll look while at the red carpet event and the blogging conference:


And with the cape reversed:

After the LABOR DAY screening, I'll be throwing the outfit into the wash, preparing it for the Bloggy Boot Camp conference. I plan to wear the Geometric Cape and 'Priscilla' pants for the second day of the conference. I love the idea that the cape will keep me cozy and comfy in the typically chilly hotel conference rooms. I've no doubt the outfit will give me a boost of confidence amidst my fellow blogging conference-goers, too.

For the first day of the conference, I plan to wear the three-quarter-sleeve Skyscraper dress provided by Ming Wang Knits. The first day will be capped off by a cocktail hour as well as dinner, so the dress seems the perfect choice. Plus, first impressions and all count, and I'm pretty sure the dress will make a good impression. (My husband sure thought so, saying I look like a model in it. I wouldn't go that far, but I do feel pretty good about myself in the Skyscraper dress.)

Here is the Ming Wang Knits photo of the lovely Skyscraper dress ($274 at Nordstrom):

And here I am in the lovely Skyscraper dress. As I said, I'm no model, but I'm still thrilled to be showcasing such finery.


With the Skyscraper dress, the washability will be tested in the opposite direction of what I plan to do with the cape and pants outfit. With the dress, once the conference is over and I return home, I'll wash it in preparation for wearing to the event closing out the Starz Denver Film Festival: the red carpet screening of AT MIDDLETON, starring Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga. Andy Garcia as well as other folks involved with the film will be on the red carpet.

Now, you may recall that I met — and hugged — Andy Garcia at a previous AT MIDDLETON screening. I can't guarantee I'll be hugging him this time, but I will be taking photos on the red carpet and during the Q&A after the film. And throughout, I'll be sporting the lovely Skyscraper dress from Ming Wang Knits.

I'm thrilled to have such super opportunities recently come my way — attending Bloggy Boot Camp as well as the Starz Denver Film Festival. My thrills are multiplied by the opportunity to wear Ming Wang Knits during both events.

I plan to share updates on Facebook and Twitter, and look forward to you following along. Feel free to follow Ming Wang Knits, too, on Twitter and on Facebook. And be sure to check out all the lovely knit pieces at Ming Wang Knits.

Disclosure: I was provided free attire for review. Opinions and anecdotes are my own.