Make memories — and boost memory — with Gigamons from Blue Orange Games

I used to have an amazing memory. I could recall faces, names, numbers, events, location of pictures and text on printed pages, a fair amount of trivia, and more. Age and MS have done a number on my noggin', though, so you won't hear me bragging about my sharp skills in that area any more.

Instead, I seek out ways to continually sharpen my short-term memory. Playing games certainly helps. And is fun. Especially games enjoyed with grandkids. Double that when played with my grandkids and my adult kids.

Which is exactly what I recently did with Bud (grandkid) and Brianna (adult kid). I received an intriguing game free for review from Blue Orange Games — Gigamons this time — and recruited Bud and Brianna to go a few rounds with me on the magical memory boosting game.

gigamons game review 

The official description of Gigamons, The quest for magical Elemons!:

Now, Gigamons obviously helps develop short-term memory skills, something all of us — young and not-so-young — would do well to work on. The cool thing about Gigamons where kids are considered, though, is that exercising and developing other skills comes into play. Specifically, strengthening focus and attention as well as problem solving.

When my game buddies and I initially set out to play Gigamons, it seemed confusing, considering all the Elemons, Gigamons, magical powers and such. It took no time to figure it out, though.

Bud set up the Gigamons, sorted the Elemon tiles, and we were off.

gigamons game

After just one round (which Bud won), we felt so sure of ourselves that we decided to increase the rows of Elemon tiles.

gigamons game 

Then we increased it again. Which required more concentration and paying attention to what other players turned and took. Not to mention, strategizing which Gigamon one might next acquire.

gigamons game review

Bud turned out to be quite the match maker, winning most rounds. He decided he needs to take the game home to play with Dad to prove his prowess with the Elemons who become Gigamons. (Which he will once this review is published. Beware, Patrick! He's a pro!)

What we loved about Gigamons:

• Game play is just 15 minutes. (Short attention spans must accompany short-term memory; I no longer enjoy looooooong games.)

• The "special powers" of each Elemon is printed not only on a card each player can have on hand, but a graphic noting the power is also printed on the Elemon tiles — especially helpful for players who can't yet read quickly to know what to do... quickly.

• The artwork of the game is pretty awesome. It's easy to see why it won 2015 Game of the Year in France (in part for its artwork).

• Clever names for the seemingly sweet and silly (and smart) Gigamons.

• Age is no predictor of who might have the upper hand in playing the game. (No motor skills or trivia knowledge handicaps required.)

What we didn't love so much:

• Can't think of a thing. We all thoroughly enjoyed the game. (Now to find out what Bud's dad thinks... after Bud smokes him in a few rounds!)

Gigamons (MSRP $17.99) is designed for 2-4 players, ages 6 and up. Find it anywhere great games are sold. You can learn more about Gigamons on

Disclosure: I received this game free for review; opinions are mine (and my fellow reviewer players).