Life Reimagined: Well on my way to unstuck

Life can be sticky. And those sticky spots in life — unfun events, moments, circumstances — can lead to being stuck in unhappy, uncreative, unproductive places in myriad phases.

life reimaginedI've been stuck in such a place for several months. I shared here about a month ago my hope that Life Reimagined, an online, subscription-based service helping millions of American's plan for the "what's next?" questions in life, could help me get unstuck.

My progress report? It's working!

In the past 30 days or so, I've used a variety of the many Life Reimagined tools to figure out what to do to move forward, get free of the sticky spots holding me back personally and professionally. In particular, I used what I learned from my initial quizzes and time with an online life coach to focus on reducing stress and finding more joy in my day-to-day in order to get back my creative spark and sensibilities.

I worked my way through more activities offered by Life Reimagined related to the LifeMap I initially created, including completing quizzes and reading articles related to overcoming specific stumbling blocks on my road to unstuck. Lack of balance being a biggie.

life reimagined tools 

I have also learned a few effective strategies for reducing that stress that clogs up my creativity. Things such as clearing my head (and seemingly resetting my brain) with a few moments of gentle to-and-fro in the swing hanging from the doorway of my three-season porch.

indoor swing life reimagined

Rocking to-and-fro in the rocker on my back deck helps, too, as does deep breathing, preferably in nature:


I'm also doing my best to focus on the small bits of joy that appear each day, even on the worst days. Such as the day this past week that all the brake and blinker bulbs in my car burst — for a yet-to-be-determined reason — and my husband and I had to purchase replacement bulbs. Not a joyful task... until we looked to the skies upon leaving the auto part store. I couldn't help but share the joy on social media:

pikes peak sunset life reimagined

Thanks to Life Reimagined, I'm well on my way to unstuck. Since using the subsciption service, I've felt a bit more creative, written pieces I'm far more proud of than in the months prior. I'm not quite where I want to be yet, but I have no doubt I'll get there thanks to the tools offered by Life Reimagined. I have several minutes with a life coach remaining in my trial subscription, which I've not had time to take advantage of due to circumstances and busyness related to the recent death of my dear mother-in-law. Plus, there are still so many inspirational articles yet to read, life-changing quizzes to take, step-by-step programs to complete.

Yes, I will indeed get there.

You can get there, too, wherever your "there" might be, by checking out Life Reimagined yourself.

Grandma's Briefs readers can (and should) take advantage of a FREE, two-week trial Life Reimagined subscription — including 30 minutes with a life coach of your choosing.

Just click right here to access Life Reimagined, the first step in overcoming current challenges you may face or discovering new possibilities, creating exciting possibilities and goals for the years ahead.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; I have received free access to Life Reimagined for a limited time and will be compensated for writing about my experience. All opinions are my own.