Life Reimagined: Seeking support to get unstuck

I'm stuck. In my career, for starters. I used to be creative, used to be fairly prolific.

Not lately. I'm stuck in a spot where I'm unable to write as well — and as often — as I'd like. Unable to even come up with creative ideas to put to paper or pixel.

My stuck state applies to more than my career. I'm pert-near paralyzed personally, too, due to hefty medical, marital, and monetary hurdles I've clumsily crawled across in the past year.

I'm stuck and need assistance getting unstuck.

life reimaginedLife Reimagined to the rescue! 

I was serendipitously invited to participate in a paid campaign about AARP's new online subscription-based service designed to help American adults navigate life — from bumps in the road to major transitions to full-blown makeovers of life missions and goals — at the very moment I was most overwhelmed by not being where I want to be in all areas of my life... and unsure of where I even really want to be in most.

Life Reimagined has a plethora of tools to help stuck folks like myself get unstuck. Or discover a new passion. Resolve a lingering issue. Get past a challenge or open up new and exciting challenges and chapters to add meaning to one's life. The site has quizzes, courses, articles by experts, group events and one-on-one (face-to-face video conferencing) with life coaches specializing in varied areas in three major categories: well-being, work, relationships. Which covers a lot of ground.

I soon began perusing the Life Reimagined site, seeking support for getting unstuck. My first thought was that maybe I'm not stuck in my career, that perhaps my career choice of freelance writer simply isn't the right one for me. I took a few tests on my goals, answered a few quizzes on my gifts, and received confirmation I was in the right spot for my passions and pursuits and mission in life.

The results, summed up in a nifty LifeMap graphic that displays my gifts, goals, interests:

life reaimagined lifemap 

As seeking a path to a new career didn't seem the best use of Life Reimagined, I decided to figure out how to regain my creativity, feelings of accomplishment, and the joy that comes from both — based on the results of an activity to discover my primary needs right now:

life reimagined

My first step reimagining the relative mess of my life right now was setting up a 30-minute coaching session with one of the many industry-certified coaches available through Life Reimagined. I perused the profiles and chose Gwen Fells (her expertise: "Peak Performance, Wellness, Life Transitions, Emotional Intelligence, Work-Life Balance, Faith, Entrepreneurship, Faith-based Coaching-Christian"). Scheduling was simple, and email confirmation came quickly, with details on how the session will work as well as how to prepare my computer for the video meeting.

At the appointed time, Gwen and I met with no problem connecting — except for delayed audio that took a while to pace a good back-and-forth for the session. We hit it off immediately. Once Gwen explained the session is 100-percent confidential (unless she senses I'm likely to hurt myself or others) we discussed my issues, questions, concerns regarding where and why I might possibly be stuck.

Gwen's quick and surprisingly accurate assessment of my stuckedness and sadness over it: "I see a common theme," she said. "Stress and how it impacts your creativity."

Ding! Ding! Ding!

That is exactly my issue. And it's the challenge I shall tackle during my time reviewing the Life Reimagined service: reducing stress and increasing creativity.

Gwen and I shared a screen to go over a worksheet to narrow down the focus of my efforts:

life reimagined coaching 

Then she gave me some homework, and we agreed to "meet" again in a week to discuss my progress.

I'm on my way to getting unstuck!

life reimagined grandma

In a few weeks I'll share with you just how Life Reimagined helped me get my mojo back, I mean, get unstuck.

In the meantime, you can try out Life Reimagined yourself. Free! Simply click on this Grandma's Briefs Life Reimagined link to find step-by-step instructions for signing up for two weeks of Life Reimagined services, including 30 minutes of coaching, at no cost.

I look forward to hearing how Life Reimagined made a difference in your life. You can bet I'll be sharing on Grandma's Briefs how it made a difference in mine. And it just might be a far more creative post than this one, considering my goal of regaining my creativity by removing my stress.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post; I have received free access to Life Reimagined for a limited time and will be compensated for writing about my experience. All opinions are my own.