Levana Ovia digital baby monitor delivers video, pictures, lullabies, peace of mind

When my first grandson was born six years ago, my daughter depended on a baby monitor in the baby's room — first the eldest, then his brother three years later — to let her know all was well with the little one sleeping soundly — or not — in their crib, in their room.

My daughter is expecting her third boy, due to arrive soon, and in the short span of time from her first boy to this third one, baby monitors have gone high tech, far beyond simple audio ability. In consideration of that new grandbaby, I readily said YES when recently given the opportunity to try out for free the highest tech baby monitor of them all — the Ovia PTZ Baby Video Monitor — thinking what better gift can a grandma (or anyone with the $224.99 to cover the cost) give an expectant mother.

Levana Ovia 

If, that is, the Levana Ovia — meaning egg — delivers as promised. 

Here is what's promised:

Did the Levana Ovia deliver as promised when I tried it out? Well, let me first say that as an empty nester, I do not have a baby in the house. Not of a human sort, that is. I do, though, have canine babies. So I set up the camera in their bedroom (yes, my spoiled dogs have their own bedroom) and the monitor in my bedroom — two stories above and on the opposite side of the house.

Ovia cameraThe reception was incredible. Not a glitch at all. The camera directed at the dogs moved as it was supposed to, though I think there's a smidgen of sound when doing so as my dogs were quite intrigued as I switched from looking at Mickey to Lyla.

I took pictures of my dogs and saved them on the included micro SD card.

I played the three different lullabies to soothe them when they seemed stressed about the camera movement.

I spoke to them via the microphone, waking them with soft and sweet words in the morning... much to their surprise.

And I even recorded a video of their movements, but unfortunately can't share that video with you as I don't have an SD card slot on my computer (or an SD card reader) to upload it for your enjoyment.

When my husband and I put the dogs in their room for the night then headed to bed ourselves, we sat on the edge of the bed for quite some time, watching our dog babies two stories below as they snuggled on their beds and settled into sleep.

sleeping dog

I have no doubt whatsoever that parents using the Levana Ovia to watch a real baby, a human baby — or even older kids, as I suspect my daughter would do with her growing boys — would get not only as much as enjoyment as my husband and I did, but far more peace of mind that their little one is just fine.

 sleeping dog

The features that most appealed to me and that I think will appeal to parents utilizing the Levana Ovia are:

• the ability to easily move the camera and zoom in when desired.

• the photo and video capability to capture precious moments... or not-so-precious moments (nanny cam anyone?).

• the night vision — via Invisible IR (infrared) LEDs — that allow parents to see in the dark, up to 15 feet in distance, without lighting up the nursery.

Now, I feel the elephant in the room must be addressed, and that elephant is this: Video baby monitors have gotten a scary rap thanks to scary movies. When I mentioned this review to folks, more than a few asked if the video frightened me in the night.

dog on video monitor dog on video monitor

I have to say that, in all honesty, the video images did seem a little eerie when my dogs' eyes glowed but come on... the peace of mind afforded by the ability to see ones' baby, soothe one's baby, speak to, play lullabies for and even photograph and record one's baby makes it quick and simple to get past any silly spooky notions one might have about a video baby monitor. If nothing else, parents can turn the darn monitor away from them during the night so Mom and Dad can then turn it and view only when curious how Junior is doing in the other room. Spookiness solved.

Ovia monitor in hands

The Levana Ovia Digital Baby Monitor definitely delivered on all it promised, all a new parent (and grandparent) could hope for in a baby monitor. And then some. It's a great gift for new mothers and fathers — those who adore babies of the human sort as well as those who adore their little ones of a canine or feline sort, too.

The Levana Ovia Digital Baby Monitor retails for $224.99 and can be purchased at online retailers such as (but not limited to) Amazon.com, Target and Best Buy. Find out more on the Levana Ovia Digital Baby Monitor product page.

Disclosure: I received this product free for review; all opinions and anecdotes are 100% my own.