Guest post: Terri Sonoda launches 'Sara's Sleep'

My good friend Terri Sonoda, whom many of you may know from her comments on my posts on Grandma's Briefs as well from her own often humorous and always heartfelt posts on, has worked long and hard on making one of her dreams come true—the publication of her first book, titled "Sara's Sleep." I'm endlessly impressed by Terri's dedication to her craft, and I'm happy to give her an opportunity to tell you all about the launch of her new career as a published author.

Welcome, Terri, and congratulations! —Lisa

Thank you, Lisa, for allowing me to plug my new book on Grandmas Briefs. Lisa and I have been friends for over 20 years. However, only the last couple of years have we realized that we have writing in common. Lisa featured me on her blog as a Grilled Grandma, and as a result of that, I started blogging and haven’t stopped since. I am very grateful to Lisa for that and thankful for her friendship.

July 1st marks the launching of my first novella, titled "Sara’s Sleep." It is a novella because it is about half the size of a full-length novel, which puts it in its own category. To celebrate the launching, we’re throwing an online Launch Party on July 1st, 2 to 4 pm PST. To join in the fun, just surf on over to

Sara’s Sleep Synopsis: Can dreams be premonitions? Up until now, Sara had lived a comfortable, uneventful life with her husband Mark. Empty nesters, she and Mark had grown apart over the years. One night brought a knock on the door, with two officers delivering shocking news. Sara’s world would never be the same again.
Tragedy thrust Sara into a spiral of depression, self-destruction and horrific nightmares from which she could not return on her own. Jenny, Sara’s daughter, moved back home to help, but brought a whole new set of dilemmas for the family to face. Old relationships resurfaced, and friendships, old and new, became complicated.
Would Sara and Jenny be able to overcome the endless obstacles together, or would the burdens that plagued each woman keep them from ever finding true balance in their lives?

If you can’t make it to our launch, not to worry. "Sara’s Sleep" is already available on Amazon. The paperback version sells for $7.45 and the downloadable Kindle version is just 99 cents. Please click on the link below to grab you own copy anytime. If you’ve already read "Sara’s Sleep," please consider going over to Amazon and leaving me a review, as well as clicking on LIKE if you are so inclined.

Thank you, Lisa, for having me on your lovely blog. I hope everyone will enjoy "Sara’s Sleep"!