Giveaway: "Granny Diaries" and "Good Granny/Bad Granny" [CLOSED]

Today's grandmas are far more hip and realistic than they used to be. We know grandkids can be a pain in the cuss sometimes, and we know we can be the same for the grandkids -- and their parents.

Two recent books from Chronicle Books speak to both those ideas, highlighting how in love with their grandkids even the most realistic -- or bad! -- grandmas are, and how much they treasure their status as grandma.

"The Granny Diaries" by Adair Lara, tells it like it is. The book jacket says, "This delightful guide shows grandmothers the secrets to navigating this treacherous terrain." Umm, I wouldn't call grandparenting treacherous, but Lara makes some pretty good points. She goes over the wacky names grandmas get (I guess I'll be Granna forever going forward ... that or Granny, which makes me cringe a tad). She warns about getting on the nerves of the parents. She commiserates with grandmas who feel like they're asked to do too much. And she provides advice on how to "tolerate the other grandparents' presence around 'your' grandchild" (one of my major sticking points in this whole venture). Lara loves fiercely and speaks frankly. It's a great read for grandmas of any stage and age.

"Good Granny, Bad Granny" by Mary McHugh is an illustrated, wacky, lighthearted book that compares the good grandmas -- those who do all the right things -- with the bad grandmas -- who do all the fun things. Most of us are a little of each; some of us are a lot of one or the other. It's fun to go through the pages of good versus bad and see where you fit on the grandma spectrum. I gotta admit, I lean more toward the "good granny" side but the "bad granny" side seems so much more interesting for grandma and the grandchildren that I'm taking lessons from McHugh's book on being exactly that. Those of you who have read Grandma's Briefs quite some time might remember the video I posted months ago of McHugh. It's still just as silly.

I have a package of BOTH books to give away to one lucky reader, courtesy of the publisher. Enter to win them for yourself, or enter to win them to give as a gift to your favorite grandma or grandma-to-be. I'll randomly choose the winner from those who comment to this post with an answer to the following question:

What is one characteristic of a good grandma?

Comments will be accepted until midnight MST Friday, July 9 and the winner announced here Saturday, July 10.