Faith-based 'Iesodo' opens door to discussion, understanding

Grandparents and Iesodo - Loveparents seeking animated videos that support Christian values and encourage faith and understanding in little ones will find that and much more in IESODO. The tagline for the series of DVDs is "Where Fun and Faith Take Flight" — a fitting description for the exceptionally produced tales youngsters will immediately take to.

Iesodo (pronounced "YAY-Sa-Doe") means "The way of Jesus" and is the name of the series' main character — a white and wise dove who lovingly shares the stories and messages of Jesus with the birds and others populating Cypress Tree on the shores of Galilee.

The memorable — and catchy — musical numbers as well as the magical artwork and humorous characters will captivate kids and help ingrain messages from popular Bible stories. As executive producers Jared and Natalie Hankins noted in press materials, "The Iesodo character is a representation of Jesus, and the stories shared throughout each episode are based on Jesus' teachings. They are universal principles we hope all parents wants to instill in their children, such as loving one another, conquering fear, sharing and being kind."

Iesodo - BelieveThe magical feel of IESODO can be attributed to a collaboration of some of the top players in children's and Christian entertainment: directors Brian E. Ray (Muppet Babies, My Little Pony Tales, Ed, Ed, and Eddy) and Colin Brady (Toy Story, Toy Story 2, A Bug's Life); producer Eric S. Rollman, President/CEO of Rollman Entertainment (formerly President of Production for Fox Kids and Marvel); and writer/producer Rob Loos (McGee and Me! Christmas Lamb, Kids 10 Commandments, Touched by an Angel).

The IESODO series currently includes three 50-minute DVDs — Believe, Love and Faith — with more planned. Each DVD features two episodes (each about 12-15 minutes long) plus fun sing-along videos for the kids. More importantly, each DVD includes a listing of the Bible verses on which each episode is based and a feature titled "Natalie's Nest" in which Natalie Hankins discusses the importance of the episodes and their relevance to children's lives and understanding of the Bible stories on which they're based.

Iesodo - FaithThough IESODO is clearly entertaining for kids, it's best watched with adults in order for them to get the most out of them. The series is a great tool for parents and grandparents (Sunday School teachers, too, I would think) who want to enrich a child's understanding of Christian values. The discussion guides available for download from help adults make the most of the series.

IESODO has earned accolades from The Dove Foundation, American Family Journal and others.

All three IESODO DVDs are available for purchase for a suggested retail price of $14.99 at Christian retail stores, Walmart and Find out more — and access some fun games to enjoy with the kids — at Follow IESODO on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Disclosure: I received IESODO DVDs free for review; opinions are my own.