6 things in 6 months: An abbreviated bucket list

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

How many times have we learned the hard way the calamity of placing all our hope for success of one thing or another on one single event, one single person, one single plan? It's folly, for sure.

sponsored postWhich is why I've recently chosen to apply the "not all in one basket" idea to bucket lists.

I have more than one bucket o' things I want to see, do, achieve. I have the short-term bucket filled with things I want to cross off in the next six months or so; I have a longer-term bucket with items that would be great to achieve in the next few years (many items of which are pulled from that bucket to place in the short-term bucket as time scurries along); and then there's the end-all, be-all bucket of the biggest, the best, the most mind-blowing bits that once achieved, I can, well, kick it.

I'm here today to share six things from that short-term bucket. Things that just might, I mean that I really hope and think will take place in the next six months — as long as I put in the work and persistence (and, in some cases, prayer) required.

In no particular order, here are the items on my 6 things in 6 months bucket list:

Find a wine that is mine. After decades of appreciating cocktails and beer over wine, I've only recently started appreciating a glass of vino. Yet I've yet to find one that is mine. I've found a couple that come close, but I'm determined to find the one I pick up regularly, the one friends and family know I prefer, the one I'd be pleased as punch to receive as a gift for this or that.

bicycle ride

Ride to the top of the hill. I live in Colorado, where there are hills everywhere. For my 50th birthday, I got a new bike (check that bucket list item!), but I feel fairly land-locked in the center of my neighborhood because I simply cannot make it to the top of the steadily climbing street that will lead me to fine riding beyond. Yet! I will get there. In the next six months. And I'll delight in the WHEEEEEEE all the way downhill and back home again once I do.

Attend a concert at Red Rocks. People travel from all across the globe to enjoy (and perform) concerts at Red Rocks Ampitheatre. I live in Colorado, just over an hour's drive from Red Rocks. I've been to Red Rocks for concerts countless times. But not in a long time, thanks to the 2008 financial crunch. I want to go again... regularly. And I want to start that in the next six months. I will. (Concert schedule for the remainder of 2014 and Spring 2015 being amenable, of course.)

Visit San Diego. I had a trip to San Diego planned, booked, paid for. It was to take place in September. Then life (and health) got in the way, and those plans were cancelled. I refuse to look at it as cancelled, though. I'm choosing the kindler, gentler, more hopeful term of postponed. I will use those plane tickets that are now in limbo. I will visit my friends who live near the beach. I will ride a ferry with my husband over to Coronado Island and watch the fireworks there that close out the night. I will, I will, I will. In the next six months.

Get a book contract. I'm this close to it happening, closer than I've ever come before. Dare I get my hopes up? I say yes! I will get a book contract — and I will add See my book published to my longer-term bucket.

Master one song — just one — on the piano. I took lessons for a while. I forgot everything. I'm going to get it back. I'm going to learn one song. I'm thinking this one (perhaps my guitar-playing husband will join me):

There you have it: My 6 things in 6 months short-term bucket list. No eggs all in one basket for me.

"Wait! What? Huh?" you ask. "No grandma/grandchildren/grandparenting items on the list?"

Oh, but that's where you might be mistaken. Everything above is a grandma/grandchildren/grandparenting thing. For it's in being all that I can be, achieving and accomplishing the items that make me me, that make me happy and fulfilled that I can be — and am — the very best grandma I can be.

Yes, that even includes choosing a wine that is mine. Cheers!

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