Saturday movie briefs: A holiday movie montage for every holiday mood

Saturday movie briefs: A holiday movie montage for every holiday mood

The ultimate holiday movie montage collection

The holiday season can stir up a goofy gamut of feelings. From sentimental to sad, giving to Grinchy, delighted to dour, lonely to I. Just. Want. To. Be. Alone! Sometimes all in one day.

Whether your mood has you feeling magical, mad, blessed or blue there's a Christmas movie montage perfect for you.

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Saturday movie review (and giveaway!): Angels Sing

I stand firm on waiting until after Thanksgiving to listen to holiday music and watch holiday films — except for HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, which takes place primarily during Thanksgiving deeming it acceptable to watch then.

Now that the turkey has been officially gobbled and gone, holiday music and films are fair game. Consider such viewing begun!

Angels Sing DVD

To be quite honest, holiday films often seem cheesy to me. And corny. But that's okay, that's to be expected. And pretty much accepted. In that vein, I admit that...

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Saturday movie review: 'Nativity!' (redux)

Dear readers: About this time last year I reviewed the comedic Christmas film NATIVITY!, which upon my first viewing of it in 2011, it became a fast favorite of mine. I think it's truly a must-see holiday family film, so I'm sharing a second serving of my review from last year, which I then titled Saturday movie review: Obscure, must-see Christmas film edition. Enjoy!

So you've gone through the classic (and not so classic) Christmas movies. You've watched it all, from White Christmas to Polar Express, A Christmas Carol from various years to A Christmas Story for sure, on to The Grinch, Love, Actually, While You Were Sleeping and possibly even Joyeux Noel, too (those last three being faves of mine). Yet you're still craving more festive film fun.

Well, my friends, have you seen NATIVITY!?


No, not that nativity. This NATIVITY! — which, if you've followed Grandma's Briefs...

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The Saturday Post: Everlasting Christmas Movie Montage edition

If you're in the mood for a holiday movie—and who isn't?—take your pick from one of these. Or just enjoy the montage, for it's pretty well done.

My only complaint? Where's the hilarious and sweet Nativity!? That's okay, though, since I already have that one—a new seasonal must-see—on my agenda for this weekend.

Merry movie watching!

Today's question:

What's your go-to, must-see, it's-not-Christmas-without-at-least-one-viewing movie or holiday special?