Wherein Grandma names the new grandchild

baby feet

My third grandson is due to be born soon. Which means... the child needs a name.

My daughter and son-in-law have picked out a strong, solid, terrific real name. But this grandma needs a bloggy name by which to call the kid. (You didn't think Bubby and Mac were my other two grandsons' real names, did you?)

So I spent much...

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Another baby announcement, plus GRAND Social No. 89 link party

link party

Like many grandmas, I love baby announcements. Not just those announcing a new grandbaby headed my way (though I did share that last week), but those that thrill other grandparents-to-be. And those announcements, too, that are just plain unique and creative. Such as this one:...
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Baby bump surprise and Grand Social No. 87 link party for grandparents

As many of you know, my third grandchild is due in June. Mommy-to-be (for the third time) Megan, in her fourth month of pregnancy, texted a photo to me Saturday of the baby bump.

This is the photo:

baby bump 

Ummm... She was sporting...

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