The Saturday post: Siblings singing sweetly

The Saturday post: Siblings singing sweetly

It’s high time I get back to sharing something or another on Saturdays, be it a movie review, inspirational—or informative or humorous or must-see—video, or merry music-making of some sort.

I’ve chosen to restart Saturday posts with the latter, a short spot of siblings sharing their souls through song. It’s sweet and simple and something all our souls…

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A special Mother's Day message from Christina Grimmie Foundation... and Mama Grimmie

A special Mother's Day message from Christina Grimmie Foundation... and Mama Grimmie

Tina Grimmie, mother to slain musician, YouTube icon, and The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie, has created a touching Mother's Day video introducing a very personal song her daughter recorded before the singer's fatal shooting by a fan in 2016.

Christina wrote and recorded "Little Girl" as encouragement and support for her mom during her battle with breast cancer. The song was never commercially released until now, for Mother's Day 2018.

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Brains on music, plus GRAND Social No. 293 link party for grandparents

Brains on music, plus GRAND Social No. 293 link party for grandparents

Brains on music

Let's kick of the new week with music, as who doesn't love music?

More accurately — for the purpose of this post — who doesn't love what music does to the brain?

Exactly what is it that music does to the brain? Well, take a look at this intriguing video on such that I saw on social media yesterday:

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Throwback Thursday: The tunes they are a changin'

Throwback Thursday: The tunes they are a changin'

This #TBT piece by Lisa Carpenter originally published March 24, 2011 on Grandma's Briefs.

I'm proud to say my family is musical. We dabble in playing — a guitar and piano here, a recorder and ukulele there — but it's in the listening to music that we really excel. As a whole, our hearts, minds and ears are open to myriad genres, everything from classical to Christian, country to show tunes, hard rock to soft rock and many that aren't really rock at all. We even have our family favorites in the rap genre. (I must admit, though, jazz and easy listening rarely pass notes in our homes, our cars, our iPods, or Spotify queue.)

Music plays a prodigious and powerful role in our family, which is why...

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Monday (beagle) blues! Plus, GRAND Social No. 244 link party for grandparents

Monday (beagle) blues!

I've had an off-and-on relationship with my piano for several years now. Mostly off, due to time constraints — as well as budgetary issues that prevent me from continuing the weekly piano lessons I began way back in the day when I worked a regular job with regular paychecks.

For several months now, though, I've been quite diligent in practicing pretty much every weekday, ever since I came across a decent online video tutorial series just before Christmas. I'm proud to say I'm progressing quite nicely — in playing. Singing and playing at the same time is another story.

Over the weekend I found inspiration in that regard. I'm now determined to one day sing and play the blues as well as this talented fella:

Look at that tail wagging! Such joy at his...

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Saturday movie review: Sing Street

I have never been an Irish teenage boy. Especially not one who idolizes pop musicians and desperately longs to be one in hopes of securing the attention and affection of a pretty girl so they can run off together to create a brighter future far away from parents on the brink of divorce.

I have, though, been an American teen who idolized musicians and longed to be one — Barbra Streisand? Stevie Nicks? — in hopes of creating a brighter future far away from parents on the brink of divorce. Whether I secured the attention and affection of a cute guy or not.

Which is why SING STREET resonated deeply with me. Why it made my heart sing.

sing street movie 

Writer and director John Carney (ONCE, BEGIN AGAIN) masterfully captured the intense feelings of adolescents — across the globe, throughout generations — who crave and voraciously...

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Saturday movie review: SCORE: A Film Music Documentary

My CD collection and iTunes application boast many a movie soundtrack. My husband and I have long loved cinematic scores of all sorts.

Which is why SCORE: A FILM MUSIC DOCUMENTARY was a must-see for us both from the very moment I saw it listed on the schedule for the 39th Denver Film Festival, which I have the privilege of covering this year.

SCORE, directed by Matt Schrader, is a joyous examination of the work and dedication of those who masterfully match music to movies. Composers, film historians, and...

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My The Voice prediction! Plus, GRAND Social No. 208 link party for grandparents

My The Voice prediction

I'm not much of a fan of country music. There are a few artists in that genre whom I enjoy listening to, but when naming my favorite tunes and talents, country songs and singers aren't among them.

I am a huge fan of The Voice, though. And this current season, which wraps up tomorrow night, has been pretty much the best, featuring the best talent so far. It's also the season that's turning me into a bit of a country music fan. At least where one artist is concerned.

The one artist? Adam Wakefield. I love this kid. He's an amazing musician... and has proven his skill in singing and playing southern rock and blues (faves of mine) as well as country. I have no doubt he can sing most any genre he sets his heart on.

I also have no doubt that — and here's my prediction — Adam Wakefield will win this season of The Voice. Yes, I put that in writing. His most recent performance is just one of the many reasons why:


Of course, if you don't watch The Voice (and how could that be?), you...

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Grandma salutes Shinedown

shinedown in Colorado Springs

One of my earliest articles published — in a newspaper, not on a blog — was in the early '90s and was titled Mosh-pit Mom. My husband and I used to go to a lot of concerts back then, most of them the rockin' kind with moshpits on the floor, all of them during the years I was a mom with three fairly young daughters.

It's been a few decades since I've had to protect myself from flailing feet on a concert floor, quite a few years since I've marveled at the moxie of the moshers from afar. Due to lack of funds as well as lack of touring bands we were willing to shell out our pennies to see, my husband and I have...

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Here and now: March 3, 2016

It's been a while since I've shared what's happening right here, right now in my world. Here goes:

here and now

On my mind...

My dad. The week I found out Lyla had brain cancer, I also found out my dad was diagnosed with a relatively rare form of cancer that's, kind of, a precursor to leukemia, something called...

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