So proud! Plus, GRAND Social No. 230 link party for grandparents
Monday, November 7, 2016
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So proud!

Megan, mama to my three grandsons, posted the following text and photo of Jak on Facebook the other day:

Someone got dressed all by himself today!! 😂#shortsarebackwards#shoesonwrongfeet #sweetsocksbro #getshisstylefromdaddy

toddler dressed self 

The dapper little dude is so darn proud of himself despite the adorable backwardness.

I'm so proud of him, too, because of the adorable backwardness. And that giddy, goofy grin!

I very much look forward to witnessing Jak's fashion sense live and in person when he and his family visit my house in TEN DAYS! (But who's counting?)

GRAND Social No. 230

Happy GRAND Social day! I'm delighted you're here. Enjoy the socializing with your fellow grandparents!

grand social link party

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