Pool party! Plus, GRAND Social No. 219 link party for grandparents
Monday, August 22, 2016
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Pool party!

Pool parties have long been a favorite way for kids to celebrate their birthdays, whether it be in their own backyard swimming pool or a paid party option at the local public swimming spot.

My daughters never got to have a pool party for their birthdays when I was in charge of party planning. In part because I can't swim and the thought of being reponsible for little ones bobbing about in a body of water, large or small, scared the bejeezus out of me.

My oldest daughter turned 34 last week. This weekend she had a birthday party. A pool party! Because she was in charge of the planning. And because she has a pool in her backyard.

pool party 

I'm still not a swimmer but I did get in the pool for a bit. Because the pool is just four feet deep. And because it gave me the opportunity to splash the birthday girl. As you can see above, even Andrea's dog, Luke, enjoyed the pool party, bobbing about in an inflatable cooler.

Cheers to pool parties! And cheers to Brianna!

GRAND Social No. 219

Now for the party! Thank you for participating once again in the link party for grandparents. You, my friends, rock!

grand social link party

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