GRAND Social No. 98 link party plus a survey plug
Monday, March 31, 2014
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Have you commented on my Rate the grandparent gig survey? Have you read the ratings — and comments — provided by other grandparents?

If not, I'd be delighted if you'd do both, please. Just click here to see what I'm talking about.

truth about grandparenting

Commenting will be enabled on my Rate the grandparent gig post until April 10 (I usually close comments after 10 days to avoid spam) to allow more grandparents the opportunity to provide their thoughts, input, ratings. So please spread the word by sharing the post with your friends and readers; just copy and paste the following link for easy sharing: Thank you!

I'm happy to see such honest ratings and thoughtful comments provided so far. The results will surely be interesting — and I'll surely be sharing them with you all!

GRAND Social No. 98

And speaking of grandparents (yeah, a duh segue if ever there was one), it's time for grandparent bloggers to share their posts in GRAND Social No. 98 link party. I appreciate those who link, and I appreciate those who read and support their fellow grandparents. Cheers!

link party

How it works:

GRAND Social link party

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