Changing the rules! Plus, GRAND Social No. 190 link party for grandparents
Monday, January 18, 2016
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Changing the rules

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For 189 weeks now (that's one hundred and eighty ninety!) I've invited grandparent bloggers to share links to their humorous, informative, and personally revealing blog posts. And it's been wonderful!

Now, in week 190, it's time to change the rules. Because not every grandparent who reads Grandma's Briefs is a blogger. And because many of those non-blogging grandparents come across fascinating, fun, and informative posts as they peruse the Internet, posts other grandparents may not have seen.

With that in mind, the rule change for the GRAND Social link party is that now you do not have to be a blogger to add a link to the link party!


You do, though, still have to be a grandparent. But now, every single grandparent reading this is invited to add a link you think others in our grandparent community would be interested in reading. Just follow the directions below, sharing the link to post you'd like for the rest of us to check out. Perhaps a super recipe from Pinterest, an important news piece, a pithy personal essay, a fun Facebook post, an informative article grandparents will appreciate. Anything (safe for work) goes — except sales pitches or Etsy pages.

Linking posts is relatively easy when following the Inlinkz prompts, but if anyone has a problem, question, or concern about the process, please email me with LINK TROUBLE in the subject line and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

I look forward to additions from new participants — as well as new posts from long-time linkers!

Yay for sharing! And reading! And socializing!

GRAND Social No. 190

Now, let the party begin! Cheers!

grand social link party

How it works:

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