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Thank you for visiting Grandma's Briefs, where I write on the good, bad, humorous and heartwarming of being a baby boomer, grandparent, parent to adult children, wife and writer. Peruse the place, leave a comment or two, and feel free to email me any time at

Meet the family

 grandma and grandpa
Lisa (me) and Jim (aka PawDad)

blended family
Brianna (oldest daughter) and hubby Patrick with his son Bud (bloggy nickname) 

 grandsons and parents
Megan (middle daughter) with hubby Preston and Jak, Mac, and Bubby (bloggy nicknames for our grandsons)

youngest and her fiance
Newlyweds Matt and Andrea (youngest daughter)


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    Top dollar for teeth! Plus, GRAND Social No. 245 link party for grandparents

    Top dollar for teeth!

    Tomorrow, February 28, is Tooth Fairy Day! Hooray, hooray!

    Back in the day when my girls were little and the Tooth Fairy visited our house, playing the part was one of the most nervewracking for me as a mother. I absolutely hated having to sneak into a daughter's bedroom and stealthily place my hand under a pillow, pull out a tissue-wrapped tooth, and slip a dollar into the space. I just knew that just as I placed my hand under the pillow, my daughter would pop open her eyes and scare the <cuss> out of me.

    Thankfully that never happened.

    Parents nowadays are likely equally afraid of Tooth Fairy duty — for a far different reason. A financial one. Get a load of this (feel free to skip the darn ad when allowed):

    (Nothing like putting a positive spin on it, right?)

    As I mentioned, my girls got a dollar for each lost tooth. And with three girls...

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    Saturday movie review: Brothers... Plus, a one-month free Sundance Now freebie

    Documenting the daily doings of beloved children is nothing unusual. Thousands (hundreds of thousands?) mommy — and grandma — bloggers across the globe do exactly that, day in and day out, sharing stories and such on their little sweeties.

    Documenting the very same on film day in and day out — for decades — is unusual. Is unique. Is exactly what Norwegian director and cinematographer Aslaug Holm did in her documentary BROTHERS. In doing so, she confirmed that a (moving) picture is indeed worth 1,000 words. And then some.

    brothers documentary 

    Holm set out making the ultimate home movie of her two young sons, Markus and Lukas, more than a decade ago. She kept the camera rolling for eight years. Day in, day out Holm...

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    Bonus grandma

    making paper dinosaur

    My three desert-dwelling grandsons — Bubby, Mac, and Jak — call me Gramma. I am their grandma, and they call me Gramma.

    My local step-grandson — Bud, whom I see only every once in a while as he lives with Patrick (his dad) and Brianna every other week — calls me Lisa. Which is what I told him he's welcome to call me. He calls Jim by his first name, too. He used our first names when we first met, when his dad was dating...

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    Monday (beagle) blues! Plus, GRAND Social No. 244 link party for grandparents

    Monday (beagle) blues!

    I've had an off-and-on relationship with my piano for several years now. Mostly off, due to time constraints — as well as budgetary issues that prevent me from continuing the weekly piano lessons I began way back in the day when I worked a regular job with regular paychecks.

    For several months now, though, I've been quite diligent in practicing pretty much every weekday, ever since I came across a decent online video tutorial series just before Christmas. I'm proud to say I'm progressing quite nicely — in playing. Singing and playing at the same time is another story.

    Over the weekend I found inspiration in that regard. I'm now determined to one day sing and play the blues as well as this talented fella:

    Look at that tail wagging! Such joy at his...

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    Saturday movie brief: Catching up on contenders

    oscar nominated films

    Next Sunday, February 26, the 89th Academy Awards will be televised.

    And, oh, I'm so woefully unprepared.

    The Academy Awards are my Super Bowl. I look forward to them every year. I don't host a party for the annual awarding of the Oscars, but my movie-loving husband and I do spend the evening in front of the television cheering on our favorites of the films and their makers — actors, directors, and otherwise — of the nominated pictures we've seen.

    Which is where the "woefully unprepared" part comes in. We...

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    7 benefits of being a long-distance grandparent

    I am a long-distance grandma. Have been from the beginning of my grandma gig.

    The first few years I moaned and groaned ceaselessly about the miles separating me and my sweeties.

    I'm now nearly nine years into grandmahood. In that time I've thankfully learned there is indeed — unbelievable as I first thought it might be — a bright side to my grandbabies living so far from me.

    Following are a few such perks on which fellow long-distance grandparents just might agree.

    long-distance grandparent 


    Bathroom breaks at my house are a breeze.
    I never need straddle a step stool when using the toilet. Nor do I have to question who left the seat up as only two...

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    Kids' thoughts on love, plus GRAND Social No. 243 link party for grandparents

    Kids' thoughts on love

    Sheer sweetness in celebration of Valentine's Day:


    "It's pretty simple."

    I love that!...

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    Saturday movie briefs: Romantic mish mash

    movies for valentine's day 

    Today it's all about love.

    And how could it not be, with Valentine's Day mere days away?

    To start our hearts swooning and singing in celebration of love, love, love, I'm here to share a mushy...

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