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Thank you for visiting Grandma's Briefs, where I write on the good, bad, humorous and heartwarming of being a baby boomer, grandparent, parent to adult children, wife and writer. Peruse the place, leave a comment or two, and feel free to email me any time at

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 grandma and grandpa
Lisa (me) and Jim (aka PawDad)

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Brianna (oldest daughter) and hubby Patrick with his son Bud (bloggy nickname) 

 grandsons and parents
Megan (middle daughter) with hubby Preston and Jak, Mac, and Bubby (bloggy nicknames for our grandsons)

youngest and her fiance
Newlyweds Matt and Andrea (youngest daughter)

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    Weekend movie review: The Light Between Oceans

    Regular readers of Grandma's Briefs likely know I'm a huge fan of movie trailers. I share them often here on my blog. I always ensure I get to the movie theater in plenty of time to see all the previews preceding a feature film. I even went so far recently as to set my DVR to record an AXS TV program called "Nothing But Trailers" — three full hours of trailers every Monday night.

    About six months ago I stumbled across the trailer for THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS. Deeply moved by it, I passed it along to my oldest daughter, who was so deeply moved she purchased the novel, written by M. L. Stedman, within 10 minutes of watching the trailer. She in turn passed along a glowing, nay, raving recommendation of the book so I then purchased it too. Hardcopy versus her digital version that she couldn't share with me.

    I was as enthralled by the book as my daughter, and we agreed when the movie came out, we absolutely must see it together.

    the light between oceans movie 

    Needless to say, when I lucked out and was invited to screen THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS earlier this week...

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    Game review: Top That! from Blue Orange Games

    Not too long ago, my buddy/reviewer Bud helped me try out a new game from Blue Orange Games called Dr. Eureka. It was loads of fun... but a tad challenging for Bud because of the manual dexterity involved in moving mini balls about ("molecules") to match the winning formula on game cards.

    This game turned out a bit easier for my review partner.

    top that! from blue orange games

    Top That! from Blue Orange Games has very similar game play as Dr. Eureka — but was far more fun for Bud during our recent review play because the pieces (magic props) to be stacked and swapped and such to match what's on the game card before all the other players...

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    They're back! Plus, GRAND Social No. 220 link party for grandparents

    They're back!

    For many years and through most seasons, we could count on seeing a small herd of seven or so deer in our neighborhood at various times throughout the day. Mostly in the evenings or when I walked the dogs (now just dog) in the mornings. Up until about three months ago.

    We started noticing the absence of the neighborhood deer the beginning of summer and throughout, except for a lone female we'd spot now and then seemingly in search of the family that had left town without her. (Not that I anthropomorphize or anything.)

    Last week as Jim and I headed home from my picking him up after work, we noticed neighbors gawking at something or another as we turned onto our street. Turned out it was deer! I hurried into the house, grabbed my camera and documented the return of the deer to our 'hood. Several of them. From two big guys on down to to two wee ones with a couple does in between.

    neighborhood deer

    Hooray! They're back!

    I don't know...

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    Saturday movie review: Special Correspondents

    Not long ago, my husband and I saw a Graham Norton Show (our favorite talk show) episode in which his guests included Eric Bana and Ricky Gervais. They were plugging the upcoming release of their Netflix original feature film, SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS, written and directed by Ricky Gervais. From the giggles and guffaws their banter elicited from the host and other guests — as well as my husband and myself — I figured the comedy would be a fun diversion and quickly added it to my queue.

    We finally got around to watching it last week, and it was indeed a fun diversion. Far different from most everything else in my Netflix queue, but far more fun, for sure.

    special correspondents netflix film

    SPECIAL CORRESPONDENTS stars Eric Bana as Frank Bonneville, a self-absorbed radio journalist who hasn't reached the career level he hoped for and believes he deserves. Problem being...

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    175 Best Air Fryer Recipes (Cookbook review)

    Do you have an air fryer? I reviewed one last year, and it quickly became one of my favorite appliances. I was quite pleased with the way french fries, chicken tenders, BBQ drumsticks and much, much more cooked up fast and oil free. And delicious.

    Thing is, I had trouble finding recipes that went beyond the basics, beyond those things mentioned above. So I don't use my air fryer as often as I would like, as often as I could and should.

    Enter 175 Best Air Fryer Recipes by Camilla V. Saulsbury, freelance food writer and author of more than 20 cookbooks (including this one I previously reviewed). I received a copy of the glossy cover paperback for review and instantly fell in love with it.

    175 best air fryer recipes

    Inside the glossy cover of 175 Best Air Fryer Recipes the pages are primarily...

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    10 rituals and rules I read by

    Every avid reader has a favorite genre as well as a favorite reading spot for snuggling up with a book.

    Every avid reader likely also has a few personal (private, perhaps) rituals and rules by which they read. The following are mine — some of which I hope you won't hold against me.


    Printed books beat digital.
    I get the attraction of books you can download and read anytime, anywhere. I actually own a...

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    Pool party! Plus, GRAND Social No. 219 link party for grandparents

    Pool party!

    Pool parties have long been a favorite way for kids to celebrate their birthdays, whether it be in their own backyard swimming pool or a paid party option at the local public swimming spot.

    My daughters never got to have a pool party for their birthdays when I was in charge of party planning. In part because I can't swim and the thought of being reponsible for little ones bobbing about in a body of water, large or small, scared the bejeezus out of me.

    My oldest daughter turned 34 last week. This weekend she had a birthday party. A pool party! Because she was in charge of the planning. And because she has a pool in her backyard.

    pool party 

    I'm still not a swimmer but I did get in the pool for a bit. Because the...

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    Saturday movie review: Recent stinkers

    I've recently had a bad run of films in my quest for under-the-radar-but-awesome movies to review for you. It's fairly common to come across a stinker or two between several movies I'm happy to watch and pontificate upon here on Grandma's Briefs. Rarely does it happen, though, to have three in a row — on DVD, not streaming — that just plain stink.

    Such a trio made an appearance on my big screen this past week. Each one I had added to my Netflix queue, requested be mailed to me ASAP upon seeing their trailers. Because each one had a trailer that made me think This will make a great review!

    Each one stunk. Big time. Leaving me feeling overwhelmingly obliged to tell you to avoid it. Regardless of how good...

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