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    If I die tomorrow: 6 ways it would stink and 7 ways I'd live on

    stairway to clouds

    My husband and I recently had yet another discussion on death and dying, as mid-life, long-married couples are wont to do. (It's not just us, right?) Our conversation led me to consider how it's often said that toward the end of life, many folks lament and regret not having said "I love you" often enough, if at all, to those they love the most.

    I don't have that concern. I do tell...

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    Colorful quaking aspen, plus GRAND Social No. 124 link party

    grand social link party

    Colorful quaking aspen

    In Colorado, we don't have a huge variety of trees changing color come fall. We do have the aspen trees — often called quaking aspen — though. Their magnificent autumn show of color would put to shame any other trees, which just may be why aspens are the primary deciduous trees on the mountainsides, alongside the majestic Blue Spruce and other pines.

    The orange, red and yellow of the aspens...

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    Saturday movie review: 'Blood Ties'

    Blood Ties DVD

    Films featuring themes of brothers at odds or cops versus robbers abound, yet I've found few as engaging as BLOOD TIES starring Clive Owen and Billy Crudup. In this gritty tale (meaning, expect blood and violence) set in 1970s Brooklyn and directed by Guillaume Canet, Clive Owen stars as Chris, a 50-year-old criminal recently released from prison...

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    Walking in his brothers' footsteps

    Now shall I walk or shall I ride?
    'Ride,' Pleasure said;
    'Walk,' Joy replied.

    — W.H. Davies, poet (1871-1940)

    My youngest grandson, Jak, walks and rides in the very same way — in the very same walker — as his big brothers did before him.

    baby boy in walker
    JAK ...

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    Changing seasons: Thoughts on giving my adult daughters their baby books

    baby books

    "It would be good for me to know those things," my middle daughter sighed into the phone the other day. And she's right.

    We were on the phone, discussing challenges she faces with her middle child, my second grandson. There is hope, I pointed out, a...

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    62 or so bits of belated gratitude

    Long, long ago — in 1965 to be exact — September 21 was designated as World Gratitude Day. It's been celebrated by folks around the world each September 21 since then. 

    gratitude wordle

    As today is September 23, that means World Gratitude Day...

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    FaceTime milestone, plus GRAND Social No. 123 link party

    FaceTime milestone

    I was telling my husband just the other day that one of the things about living in an empty nest is that time often seems to just go on and on as it's no longer marked by milestones delineating the months and years. The parenthood calendar revolves around things such as kids reaching those all-important ages, such as 16, 18, and 21. Or learning to drive, attending homecomings, celebrating graduations, and so much more.

    baby FaceTime 

    As a grandparent of young...

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    Saturday movie review: 'The Boomer List'

    You've surely heard the news many times in the last year or so: The last of the baby boomers turn 50 this year! In celebration of that cultural milestone comes THE BOOMER LIST from filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

    The Boomer List

    Officially titled for its PBS airing American Masters: The Boomer List, this engaging documentary...

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