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Thank you for visiting Grandma's Briefs, where I write on the good, bad, humorous and heartwarming of being a baby boomer, grandparent, parent to adult children, wife and writer. Peruse the place, leave a comment or two, and feel free to email me any time at

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 grandma and grandpa
Lisa (me) and Jim (aka PawDad)

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Brianna (oldest daughter) and hubby Patrick with his son Bud (bloggy nickname) 

 grandsons and parents
Megan (middle daughter) with hubby Preston and Jak, Mac, and Bubby (bloggy nicknames for our grandsons)

youngest and her fiance
Newlyweds Matt and Andrea (youngest daughter)


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    Saturday movie review: Demolition

    Losing a beloved spouse must be one of the most painful experiences of a lifetime. Bewildering, too, especially if the surviving spouse didn't really love the one who passed. Or at least feels that may be the case once a partner is gone.

    Such is the challenge Jake Gyllenhaal as Davis wrestles with in the drama (with a believable dose of humor) DEMOLITION.

    demolition film

    Davis is a successful investment banker with a lovely wife, a high-end home, a fancy-schmancy car, and good looks to boot. Then his wife dies tragically — which isn't a spoiler, I assure you, as the film is about...

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    On adult children: Learning the boundaries of communication (guest post)

    Dear readers: This guest post was written by my grandma friend and fellow GRANDparent Network member Donne Davis of GaGa Sisterhood. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom on the tricky-at-times relationship between parents and their adult children, Donne.

    mother and adult daughter

    When it comes to communicating with your adult children, where do you get stuck? I posed this question to the 25 GaGas attending our January 15 meeting and added, is it around discipline, visitation, values or boundaries?

    All of the above, and more, they answered. One member said: “All I have to do is open my mouth and my son misinterprets what I’m saying.” Another joked: “OMG! Just asking ‘how are you’ can trigger...

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    From the archives: Four for Valentine's Day

    The annual day o' love lurks right around the corner and Cupid will soon be sprinkling hearts and flowery fun far and wide.

    Following are four of my previously published posts to peruse, a collection of sweet and silly sorts of stuff focused on ensuring grandkids feel the love — and laughter — this Valentine's Day.

    valentine's day activities


    Click each graphic to see the full post featuring lovey-dovey ...

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    Hooray for Handwriting Day! Plus, GRAND Social No. 240 link party for grandparents

    Hooray for Handwriting Day!

    Today, January 23, is John Hancock's birthday. Yes, the master of the stylish signature was born 280 years ago, on January 23, 1737.

    Forty years ago, on January 23, 1977, the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association — pencil and pen masters such as Bic, Pentel, Pilot and more — honored Hancock and his spectacular script by making his day of birth National Handwriting Day, a celebration of scribbles spectacular or sloppy.

    In honor of such, I invite you to read my one and only handwritten post here on Grandma's Briefs. Or, possibly more fun, take a gander at your own handwriting and what its dabbles and dots might mean:


    Hooray for handwriting! And hoping...

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    Saturday movie brief: Balm for bleak times


    When the day-to-day of life turns not so rosy, one of my favorite escapes is through films. Though not an all-out remedy for the blues or bleakness of any sort, personal or otherwise, movies certainly provide relief. For a little while, at least.

    Yesterday being the inauguration of our 45th president, I'm in the mood...

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    5 reasons I like to play games with my grandkids

    My grandmothers never played games with me. My daughters' grandmothers never played games with them, either.

    Considering the grandmas who came before me, the ones from whom I most learned what grandmothering looks like, I'm unsure how I became a game-playing grandma. But I am.

    And I love it. Here's why:


    I enjoy watching them learn.
    Kids learn so much from playing games. They improve motor skills and ...

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    Still time to Just Sing! Plus, GRAND Social No. 239 link party for grandparents

    Still time to Just Sing!

    The holidays have long been gone, the peak time for gift-giving has passed.

    Grandparents give gifts throughout the year, though, and are always on the lookout for goodies to give their grands.

    Just Sing from UbisoftWhich is why it's not too late to Just Sing. Well, to learn about Just Sing!

    See, long before the holidays, I received free for review the Ubisoft karoake game, Just Sing. It's for the XBox One. I planned to have my grandsons play, er, sing along with it when they visited in November and I'd publish a post on it soon after. In time for my grandparent friends to consider it for holiday giving to their grands.

    As my 2016 luck might have it, my <cuss> Xbox One wouldn't function correctly. My grandsons never got to Just Sing while here. Buuut... as my 2017 luck might have it, the Xbox One now functions properly (it all had to do with my modem needing an upgrade, not the Xbox, actually).

    So though my grandsons didn't get a chance to Just Sing, I have. And it's great fun that I must share with you — sans videos of my off-pitch attempts, of course — in hopes...

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    Saturday movie recommendations: Our post holiday viewing

    My husband and I recently discovered a few new streaming series to binge watch (Z Nation and The Crown at the top of the list) so we've spent less time on films of late. Which has severely narrowed my options for Saturday movie review posts.

    That said, we have watched a few movies in the past month or so worth recommending. Some on DVD or streaming, and one in the theater.

    Why recommend rather than review? Well, reviewing the first one just wouldn't be right as a review would surely reveal a major plot line that you must not know in order to fully appreciate the film. So I'll simply recommend it here versus review. The other two recommendations I've thrown in to make for a more meaty post. And because I liked them.

    My three recent movie recommendations, three movies to consider adding to your Hmmm... Maybe We Should Watch That list:

    COLLATERAL BEAUTY (in theaters)

    Collateral Beauty ...

    Click to read more ...

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