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    A Birdy by any other name

    Megan and Bubby, before he became "Bubby."Wednesday as I ran errands, I called Megan to see how she, Bubby and Preston were doing. They'd been sick -- Bubby had strep -- and I wanted to find out how recovery was going. I also wanted to verify the spelling of the name she and Preston had chosen for Birdy. So I asked. Which was clearly a mistake.

    "We've not decided 100 percent that that is the name we're going with, Mom," Megan said. "Why are you getting so psycho about this?"

    First let me say that I'm a pretty mellow person. I don't do a lot of yelling, I don't do a lot of freaking out, and I certainly don't go psycho. But because of my relative mellowness (if that's a word), the girls have always and forever considered it "freaking out" if I raise my voice and "going psycho" if I ask too many questions. 'Too many' usually being about three. I'd apparently hit my quota regarding Birdy's real-life name.

    I had first asked what names Megan and Preston were considering not long after learning the baby would be a boy. A fairly innocuous question, I thought. Other than grandmotherly inquisitiveness, I was asking simply so I could have a reference point in coming up with a name to call my second grandson on this blog. Bubby was originally nicknamed "Bubby" in real life by Megan and Preston, and I thought there may be some real name followed by a nickname for Baby No. 2, the latter being what I'd use here. Because it was still early in the pregnancy, I gave it little thought when told there wasn't yet one.

    The second time I asked was when Megan was experiencing some rather scary pregnancy problems that required lots of prayer. I find prayer to be a little easier, more personal -- seemingly more effective -- when I can put a name to those I'm praying for. So I asked ... and was immediately shut down. So I prayed for "the baby," and the baby turned out just fine.

    After that, Megan and I talked now and then about the baby names under consideration. I'd offer up suggestions that fit the parameters they'd set for the name as they crossed my mind. She in turn would tell me a few she and Preston were tossing around. There was one in particular I did not like at all -- and told her so -- and it, fortunately, ended up being the name of the street they've moved to so that name was tossed out the window. Yes, it's not very nice of Grandma to vocalize dislike for a new grandchild's prospective name, but let's just say it was the name of an idiotic actor who thrives on Twitter and makes me nauseous. I couldn't help myself.

    Eventually Megan told me the name she and Preston were pretty sure would be given to their newborn -- but I was sworn to secrecy, even to Jim, Brianna and Andrea. Which didn't make sense to me. ("What's the BFD?" is more along the lines of what I was thinking.) But I kept the secret. She did end up telling Jim herself. Brianna and Andrea still don't know. But Bubby does, and it's the name Bubby uses when talking about the brother in Mommy's tummy. So I figured it was a pretty sure thing.

    Hence my question regarding spelling, my third and final time that put me over the line and into "psycho" territory. I wanted to know the spelling because I planned to buy the domain name matching the little guy's name before it was nabbed up, as they do have a fairly common last name. I purchased the domain names for everyone else in the family -- including Bubby -- and was trying to stay on top of things with Birdy.

    Upon Megan's indignant response and questioning of my sanity because I wondered about the name and the secrecy surrounding it, I shot back at her.

    "What's the deal?" I asked. "Ya know what I think it is? I think you're not even pregnant. There is no baby. You just needed an excuse for your weight gain because you're getting fat! Ha!"

    I said it with a snicker. I said it in jest. Honest. Obviously, I've seen the ultrasounds, I have no doubt my daughter is pregnant. But because she was being so cussing stupid and secretive silly, I pulled out the big guns and shot them straight at my hyper-weight-sensitive daughter. Using the F-word. The F-word being "FAT".

    Yep. That's the classy, grandmotherly way this grandma does things.

    Sheesh. Maybe Megan's right. Maybe I really am "getting so psycho."

    Today's question:

    Have you ever greatly disliked the name given to any of the newer members of your family, immediate or extended?

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    Reader Comments (8)

    OMG! I swear we're living parallel lives. Our Little Princess's real name is Ezra. Unusual, yes? Needless to say, I was not delighted with the choice. The other grandmother is the one that freaked out though. She actually called my daughter and told her she was buying them the crib they wanted but, in exchange, they could not name the baby Ezra. That pretty much settled it. If you tell my daughter that she can't do something, it's going to be a done deal.

    Now she's pregnant with Princess #2. She told me the name they're considering is June, but they're not telling anyone else. June will also not be a popular name with her mother-in-law. Turns out it was MIL's ex-husband's mother's name. So, in 7th month of pregnancy, name is no longer being discussed ... not even with me. I'm afraid to ask again. I guess I'll know when she tells me.

    January 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGrams

    Morning and Happy Friday. Well there really are no 'newer' members of the family right now. All the kids are getting up there. I can remember one name that I detested, though, that one of my relatives named her daughter. I can't say in case she reads this, but I still don't like that name to this day. It just doesn't do this child justice. Oh well, not my call and not my business, so I'll just think about other more pleasant things. LOL

    January 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTerri

    I only know that I'm especially glad YOU didn't turn out to be a boy because I was going to name you BARRY if you had been and Heaven only knows where that came from.

    January 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAnn

    I can't remeber names so I don't know if there are any I dislike. I'm frequently calling them new names that fit the moment and I like the name even they don't.

    January 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDeb A

    yes, but I've learned not to be the psycho grandma--I just keep my mouth shut and smile a lot :) Actually when we named our oldest daughter my husbands father could not say it right, ever! He invented many versions of her name trying to get it right. I'm sure he cussed me and mr. j many a time for picking a weird name.

    January 28, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterkaye

    I think "freaking out" is a term used by our teenage and young adult children that just means stop asking questions mom!

    As far as new grands names I stay out of it completely as I do the delivery room. I only have one grandchild with a very different name. My son wanted to name his child Seven and his wife said no. They agreed to name him "Seven" but in German. His name was a huge surprise on delivery day. The shortened name he goes by fits him perfectly.

    January 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGrandma Shelley

    WOW! I read your post today, and could not believe it! I have a middle son that when I ask one to many questions, he tells me I am freaking out! You have put it all into perspective now! Thanks! As far as new names...I have three grandchildren, and two on the way. I stay out of the name thing. I had my chance when I named my children. What they choose is up to them. If I am not fond of the name, it eventually does come around to fit the child. I remember when we were expecting our first, hubby and I told his mother the baby's name, if it was a boy, was going to be Igor! She prayed so hard for a girl! LOL....I had a boy, and he has a wonderful name. It was fun to play the game because she so easily got freaked out! REALLY! LOL

    January 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJody

    oh gosh- this made me laugh. Yes, I've disliked names- but I don't say anything. I've known people to say to my friends, "Oh, I HATE that name, don't name your kid that!" and then they have to pretend they love it when my friends actually DID name their kid that.

    January 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSuzRocks

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