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    Review: Yum Yum Dishes

    A little over a month ago, I received for review some Yum Yum Dishes. They may sound like whimsical little containers of goodies, but Yum Yum Dishes aren't that at all. In fact, they're empty dishes. But goodies are the focus of the Yum Yum Dishes as their purpose is to help learn portion control when gobbling snacks and sweets and more.

    I received for review the 4-ounce Yum Yum Dish bowl with plastic lid and the 9-inch Yum Yum Dish dinner plate. Both are ceramic and safe for the microwave, oven, and dishwasher. And they are indeed whimsical, painted in cheery colors and emblazoned with "Yum Yum time is..." on the rim and "over" at the bottom (for the bowl; the entire phrase is in the center of the dinner plate).

    The Yum Yum bowl is perfect for keeping snack portions to a reasonable size. It's the ideal size for ice cream and such, but filling it with M&Ms is probably not what the makers had in mind. Same with peanuts, I think. But in using it for chips—my favorite kind of snack—just a few fit in the bowl, which made me consciously aware of how many chips make up a true serving, how many I should (or should not) be eating. Now, even if not using the Yum Yum Dish, I consider the size of my snacking portions.

    The Yum Yum dinner plate is marked with portion sizes as they should be for a meal: half the plate is dedicated to "Veggies" and the other half is evenly divided for "Protein" and "Carbs." The idea that veggies should fill half one's dinner plate is not a new concept to me, but the Yum Yum plate was a good reminder. And a reminder to use only a quarter of the plate for carbs—which I'm really bad about doing because I love, love, LOVE carbs. Especially in the form of mashed potatoes. Or macaroni and cheese.

    The Yum Yum bowls are perfect for serving snacks to kids, too, so I'll surely have mine on hand when the grandkids visit.

    What I love about Yum Yum Dishes: They're cute and serve their purpose. Even if not used for all snacks or meals, I now keep them—and the proper portion sizes—in mind.

    What I don't love so much: The plate seems rather small. But that's just proof that I, like many folks, have lost sight of what a reasonable dinner plate really looks like.

    Yum Yum Dishes were created by Tracy Adler, a mom and former restaurant owner. They're sold in prepacked sets of four ($24/set for the bowls; $34/set for the plates) and can be purchased on the Yum Yum Dishes website.

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