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    Review: Neat Zori Orthotic Sandal

    For a variety of reasons, I have a difficult time finding comfortable shoes. I'd rather go barefoot, but that's not really an option the majority of the time.

    I recently received a free pair of Neat Zori Orthotic Sandals to review. The package text promised "You'll never want to take them off!" Despite my preference for wearing no shoes at all, I really did find myself never wanting to take them off.

    That was after getting used to the basic flip-flop feature of a thong between my big toe and second toe. I don't typically wear flip-flops, as the thong thingee has never been comfy to me. The Zori, though, has a nylon toe piece that didn't take long to adjust to. From there, the "orthotic" features of the ergonomically designed Zori were responsible for me wanting to wear them everywhere.

    The Neat Zori, based on traditional Japanese footwear, offers stabilizing insoles with a high arch designed to relieve foot fatigue. My feet and legs always get tired, fast, thanks to some health issues. The high arch of the Zori not only kept my feet from getting pooped, it made them feel good. Like a mini-massage in the arch of my foot. And I did every activity I could think of that would test that. I wore them on my recent visit to the desert to hang with my grandsons. The Neat Zoris kept my feet going and going and going. I wore them on walks, at the park, to the mall, on the hot sidewalk in the back yard, during our visit to the Children's Museum, and for my flight home. Not once did I feel like kicking off the Zoris and going barefoot (and not just because the ground is so freakin' hot in the desert).

    When I returned home to the mountains, I wore my Zoris when grocery shopping, gardening and more. Again, never did I wish I had on different shoes or none at all.

    What I loved about the Zoris: The sandals are lightweight but well constructed. The sole is soft and padded and so darn comfortable, and the straps are padded. Despite being so comfortable, the sandals are more attractive than the typical flip-flop sandals. Plus, as I did gardening in them, they got rather dirty but washed up easily to look good as new.

    Neat Zori™ Orthotic Sandals come in red or tan (I received the tan/black ones like in the photo), and are available for women and men in sizes 6 to 12 at Duane Reade, Navarro and Raley’s stores and online for $49.95-$55.

    Reader Comments (3)

    Choosing the right kind of sandals is very important. We want our footwear comfortable to use that can also support longer walking. For me it is better to invest on expensive but with quality footwear.

    August 19, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterheelys

    Got mine for only $40 at CVS. I'm sort of flat-footed though so the high arch is taking some getting used to. I'm hoping we'll meld eventually...

    April 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterChris Harris

    How come you don't make a ROMAN SANDAL? I wear your thongs and think there great around the house, but when I want to go for a long walk I like to wear ROMAN SANDALS because of the straps to hold them on. I would appreciate your feedback, Thanks

    June 28, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterNoel Cox

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