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    Giveaway: ReadySetEat — What's for dinner?

    Some days the biggest challenge and frustration is trying to figure out what to make for dinner. ReadySetEat, a ConAgra Foods initiative, is here to help in two ways.

    One, ReadySetEat serves up quick and delicious recipes that take 30 minutes or less to make. And they take a mere fraction of that amount of time to find, thanks to the ReadySetEat Pinterest presence. Their boards include Quick and Healthy Meals, Easy Southwestern Meals and more. You can also get those recipes and more—cooking tips, coupons—directly from the ReadySetEat website, where those Pinterest boards originated.

    The second way ReadySetEat is here to help you serve up dinner? By giving away all the fixins you need to try out a few of those recipes. Right here, right now. All you need to do to be entered to win the prize package of the items pictured above (plus maybe a little more thrown in for good measure) is comment below with the answer to this question:

    What are your dinner plans for tonight?

    If you need inspiration before answering, simply click on the ReadySetEat links above. Entries accepted through 11:59 MDT Wednesday, May 30. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email Thursday, May 31, so be sure you've included your email address. Prize will be shipped directly from a ReadySetEat representative.


    Movie Review: Cowgirls 'N Angels

    With Katniss from The Hunger Games and Princess Merida from the upcoming Brave, there's certainly no shortage of strong, young female characters in movies this summer. Now you can add to the list of strong and spunky heroines Ida, as played by Bailee Madison in Cowgirls 'N Angels, coming to theaters May 25.

    In the movie—which I received a DVD screener of for this review—twelve-year-old Ida sets out in search of her father, a rodeo rider whom Ida has never met, nor has her mother ever divulged details about. In order to up her chances of finding him, Ida goes against her mother's wishes and joins the Sweehearts of the Rodeo team of young female trick riders.

    Ida tours the southwest with the Sweethearts, causing a ruckus here and there, thanks to her rebellious personality and her passionate, determined pursuit of her daddy. Along the way, she makes friends, enjoys a line dance or two, and surprises herself and others with her newfound trick-riding ability.

    As I watched the movie, I thought again and again about how this is exactly the kind of movie my daughters would have enjoyed when they were preteens, as Ida is feisty and courageous and a young gal they could relate to and want to emulate.

    Older viewers likely won't be as enthralled with the film, but overall it's a heartwarming story with a good message that makes for good grandmother/granddaughter (or mother/daughter) viewing. Bonus: It won't make grandmothers (or mothers) squirm in their seats at love scenes, foul language, disrespectful behavior or violence.

    I was impressed with little Bailee Madison, as I have been each time I've seen her since her heart-wrenching scene in Brothers, opposite Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman. Other stars of Cowboys 'N Angels include James Cromwell, Alicia Witt, Jackson Rathbone (from the Twilight Saga, so a main attraction for gals who saw that) and Dora Madison Burge who played spunky Becky Sproles in Friday Night Lights. Funny thing is, several of the actors in Cowgirls 'N Angels had long-term roles in Friday Night Lights, but I was unable to figure out the connection between this movie and that series, which was one of my all-time favorites.

    Cowgirls 'N Angels runs 92 minutes, is rated PG, and opens in theaters this Friday, May 25.


    Book review: For My Children - A Mother's Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom

    I talk to my adult daughters nearly every single day. But it's the day in, day out kind of chit chat, not deep conversations about the past and moments that made a difference, made us who we are. There's just not time for that as life and living now gets in the way.

    Dionna Ford, author of For My Children: A Mother's Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom apparently felt the same way. In the introduction to her book (which I received for free for review), Ford writes, "My mom and I rarely find the time—or make a concerted effort—to delve into family history or chat about fun, random questions."

    For My Children ($14.95, Ulysses Press) is Ford's way of remedying that. It's a journal featuring one thought-provoking question per page, with plenty of room for Mom to respond there. The book is divided into seven categories—Motherhood, Family and Home, Children, Life Wisdom and Wishes, Love and Relationships, You in the World, On Being You—with related questions for each category.

    This isn't the kind of journal a young mother pens for her little ones so they know where Mommy came from and what memories she has of Christmas, her grandparents, her favorite pastime when she was 10 years old. No, these are the kinds of things a young adult woman, possibly a mother, might want to ask her own mother—if only she had the time.

    What I loved about the book: The questions are different than what's typically found in similar journals. Questions such as "What are the themes of your recurring, favorite, or worst dreams?", "What lifts your spirits when you experience sadness or depression?","What do you value most about your children?" and "What have you been putting off until 'someday' that you wish you hadn't?" to name just a few. And there's plenty of space for responding, not just a few blank lines. I also enjoy the spare but colorful illustrations by Melanie Mikecz throughout. They add a touch of whimsy without seeming cloying.

    Bottom line: For My Children: A Mother's Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom would make a lovely gift for a mother, who would in turn—after completing it, in her own handwriting—offer it as a unique and heartfelt, heart-filled gift to her daughter.

    Clicking on the book cover will provide more information on the book. It is NOT an affiliate link; I earn nothing by you clicking on it.


    Review: Neat Zori Orthotic Sandal

    For a variety of reasons, I have a difficult time finding comfortable shoes. I'd rather go barefoot, but that's not really an option the majority of the time.

    I recently received a free pair of Neat Zori Orthotic Sandals to review. The package text promised "You'll never want to take them off!" Despite my preference for wearing no shoes at all, I really did find myself never wanting to take them off.

    That was after getting used to the basic flip-flop feature of a thong between my big toe and second toe. I don't typically wear flip-flops, as the thong thingee has never been comfy to me. The Zori, though, has a nylon toe piece that didn't take long to adjust to. From there, the "orthotic" features of the ergonomically designed Zori were responsible for me wanting to wear them everywhere.

    The Neat Zori, based on traditional Japanese footwear, offers stabilizing insoles with a high arch designed to relieve foot fatigue. My feet and legs always get tired, fast, thanks to some health issues. The high arch of the Zori not only kept my feet from getting pooped, it made them feel good. Like a mini-massage in the arch of my foot. And I did every activity I could think of that would test that. I wore them on my recent visit to the desert to hang with my grandsons. The Neat Zoris kept my feet going and going and going. I wore them on walks, at the park, to the mall, on the hot sidewalk in the back yard, during our visit to the Children's Museum, and for my flight home. Not once did I feel like kicking off the Zoris and going barefoot (and not just because the ground is so freakin' hot in the desert).

    When I returned home to the mountains, I wore my Zoris when grocery shopping, gardening and more. Again, never did I wish I had on different shoes or none at all.

    What I loved about the Zoris: The sandals are lightweight but well constructed. The sole is soft and padded and so darn comfortable, and the straps are padded. Despite being so comfortable, the sandals are more attractive than the typical flip-flop sandals. Plus, as I did gardening in them, they got rather dirty but washed up easily to look good as new.

    Neat Zori™ Orthotic Sandals come in red or tan (I received the tan/black ones like in the photo), and are available for women and men in sizes 6 to 12 at Duane Reade, Navarro and Raley’s stores and online for $49.95-$55.


    Guest post: Double Scoop

    Guest post by Tina of

    My husband and I frequently have different opinions about how to raise our two young girls. He likes to indulge them from time to time with a soda or lemonade, while I am painstakingly preparing dark leafy greens in tempting, or not so tempting, ways. I sometimes become too serious about their schoolwork and activities, while he’ll happily wear my 4-year old’s duckie on his head to lighten things up.  But we both agree that a strong relationship with each of their grandparents is extremely important. Neither of us believes we would be the same people if it weren’t for our own grandparents.

    We have one slight problem. We live in the middle of the country, and one set of grandparents lives on the west coast, the other set on the east coast. We decided to do our best to create a bond between the kids and their grandparents.  In fact, we counted that in the first 2 years of my oldest daughter’s life, we made 14 trips by plane and car just to visit grandparents. It was too much—too much time, too much money. And when the older child started school, we had a lot less flexibility.

    So, like many other parents with long-distance grandparents, we filled the gaps between visits with phone calls and Skype sessions, the latter which never worked as well as we had hoped. The kids would stray from the screen, we had connection issues, voices were fuzzy or clipped. Then, about a year ago, I heard about a couple of people in my town starting a company to bridge generations through technology. When I understood their mission, I joined their team to help with product development and marketing.

    Finally, we are launching DoubleScoop, an app that works on computers, iPads, iPhones and iPod touches. DoubleScoop connects kids and grandparents in a safe and simple way. They can draw pictures, exchange photos, write stories and record voice messages or songs for each other. It’s exciting because it focuses on one-to-one relationships, rather than sharing information with large groups of people. In addition, DoubleScoop keeps all of the messages shared between a grandparent and their grandchild in one place, creating a virtual scrapbook of their relationship together.

    In our home, we have been using DoubleScoop for a few months now, and my kids and grandparents love it. My husband even likes it, too. I am so happy to be able to share DoubleScoop with your readers. It’s free, so please give it a try at Let me know if you have any comments, questions or feedback by emailing me at

    Review: Green Kid Crafts

    Just before my recent visit to the desert to see my grandsons, I received five free craft projects of pack into my grandma bag and review with Bubby, courtesy of Penny Bauder and Sue Sears, owners of Green Kid Crafts.

    Green Kid Crafts is a subscription service offering do-it-yourself craft kits for kids. The name refers to the fact all crafts are made of natural and recycled supplies in earth-friendly packaging. Everything needed for a complete craft—except glue, scissors, paint or markers (though paint powder was included in one I received)—is in the unique and crafty kits.

    For my review with Bubby, I received from Green Kid Crafts kits for making a 3D collage (a wood, bejeweled star), a Great Horned Owl mask, a fishbowl collage, a pirate loot project, and an Easter project.

    Bubby and I had great fun with all the crafts we did. The 3D collage star was his favorite to do:

    Though the fishbowl collage came in a close second:

    Bubby's favorite craft to wear, though, was the owl mask. He loved to put it on and sit outside calling owls (and scaring his dog and little brother):

    A couple times, the whooo-whoo of the mourning doves had him fooled that he had indeed rounded up some owl friends. I, of course, didn't have the heart to tell him the truth, and he was thrilled with his magical mask.

    Bubby and I saved the Pirate Loot activity to do at my house when he visits in June as searching for treasure PawDad hides in the backyard has always been a favorite activity when he visits. As Easter had come and gone by the time I visited, I left the Easter project with him and his mom for Mom, a former teacher, to come up with a way to use the great materials for another creative project.

    What I loved about the crafts: The kits were inventive activities I likely wouldn't have thought up myself. Having all the materials included (except glue and scissors) was quite helpful. Plus, despite being simple crafts using readily available materials, they weren't cheesy and Bubby was thoroughly impressed with all of them.

    What I didn't love so much: What I didn't love was that they took longer than I expected. But that's my fault, not the fault of the creators. I simply had forgotten how long such things take with a nearly four year old...and how much Gramma would need to do (cutting, mostly) as my grandson wasn't quite ready for some things.

    Green Kid Crafts—a mom-owned and carbon neutral company—offers subscriptions for three different craft kits a month. Subscriptions are available for 3 months ($45), 6 months ($85) and 12 months ($165). For more information, visit