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    Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers: Steamy, healthy, easy... and good

    As we get older, my husband and I are trying to eat a little more healthy. One thing I recently started doing is steaming our broccoli each and every time we have it. Delicious stuff. But there's far more to be steamed than broccoli, and Healthy Choice has us covered with the Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers. They're entire meals steamed to perfection — in the microwave. The 100 percent Naturals Café Steamers use a tray-in-tray technology that separates the ingredients while cooking, so the vegetables are crisper and the pasta is al dente.

    As part of a Healthy Choice campaign I'm participating in with the Vibrant Nation Influencer Network, I received coupons for two free Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers entrees. The options are many, including Tortellini Primavera Pasta, Pumpkin Squash Ravioli, Asian Potstickers and more.

    Healthy Choice

    I chose the Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers Grilled Chicken Pesto with vegetables — a Top Chef-inspired creation — for myself. It's chicken tenderloins with rotini pasta, zucchini and spinach in a basil pesto sauce. The pasta was perfectly cooked, not mushy as is often the case with frozen meals. In addition, the chicken was tender, the veggies tasted fresh, and the pesto sauce was far more flavorful than I expected. (For one, I didn't expect to want to lick the dish once I placed the meal on my plate.)

    Healthy Choice

    Though I love pesto, my husband doesn't. His entree was the Beef Merlot — beef and red roasted potatoes, vegetable medley with rich merlot wine sauce. He, too, could have licked the dish, the sauce was that good (though I told him that would be so very rude and ungrandpa-like behavior). Now, my hubby isn't a huge fan of vegetables, so he wasn't thrilled with the beans and carrot medley, but he did say the potatoes were delicious and the beef was "just as good as the best stew meat I've ever had." For a man who doesn't say much about food, that's high praise.

    While my husband and I were quite pleased with our entrees, I was a bit dismayed by the amount of waste produced by the packaging. The tray-in-tray technology that steams things up to perfection resulted in two rather large plastic dishes plus the outer box per entree. They were sturdy plastic containers that would be treasured by kids looking for serving pieces to add to their play kitchen collection. Alas, as I have no kids in the house looking for play pieces, our pieces went in the recycle bin. Yes, recycling is good, but not having to recycle that much per entree would be even better.

    Find more information on Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers on the Healthy Choice website. 

    Disclosure: I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer Network Healthy Choice campaign. I have been provided coupons for free products and compensation for posting. Opinions and anecdotes are my own and were not influenced nor reviewed by Healthy Choice prior to posting.


    Luvs Super Absorbent Diapers: The clue is in the blue

    Take a guess at how many diapers I’ve wasted, as a mother and as a grandmother, when guessing whether a baby’s diaper is wet or not, in need of changing or not. No need to come up with a number, as I’ll just tell you: It’s a lot.

    Sometimes there’s no doubt as to when a kid needs a diaper changed. Other times, though, it’s not so obvious. And as a germaphobe to a minor degree, I refuse to touch-test a diaper to see if it is indeed damp. So let’s just say I’ve pitched a lot of perfectly dry diapers in my quest to keep a grandson’s bum dry and comfy.

    Though my grandsons are now potty trained and no longer in diapers, I’m far from done with the grandma gig, considering one daughter may not yet be done have kiddos and my other two daughters have not even yet begun. Which means there are more diapers in my future. Thankfully, though, there will be no more wasted diapers, thanks to Luvs.

    Luvs has created a super absorbent diaper that — get this — turns blue when wet and in need of changing. No more guess work, for the clue is in the blue.

    Not only do Luvs Super Absorbent diapers turn blue when wet, they are, as the name implies, super absorbent, with an ultra absorbent leakguard core that helps lock wetness away from baby’s skin. They’re 15 percent more absorbent than other Luvs. Plus, they have a contoured shape and leak barrier leg gathers for a more snug, more comfy fit.

    Where to find the special version of Luvs? Again, the clue is in the blue: Look for the blue seal on the Super Absorbent Leakguard boxes, available at Walmart.

    Want more info? Visit the Luvs Super Absorbent diapers website, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Luvs.


    Munch! Win a cozy bedtime story package for little ones


    Matthew Van Fleet — author of New York Times bestsellers Alphabet, Heads, Tails, and Moo — has once again created a coveted interactive tale for toddlers. This one is called Munch! and it hits stores August 27.

    Munch! features four clever pull tabs and seven tickleable textures. The clever board book puts toddlers nose to nose with captivating critters as they demonstrate all different kinds of mouths and the amazing things they can do. Along the way, sounds, colors, and actions are introduced in a fun and interactive way. The sturdy and silly book is intended for ages 2-6, but can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

    Munch! is another in a long line of unique books from Van Fleet, whose innovative books have been introducing children to basic concepts for almost twenty years. His unique formats invite toddlers to touch, press, pull, lift, and even sniff as they explore colors, shapes, numbers, letters, opposites, and more. Here's a glimpse into his creative process:

    For more information on Munch!, visit the Official Book Site and Van Fleet Books.

    Munch! prize packageBetter yet, enter via Rafflecopter below to win a cozy prize package to share with your favorite toddler, courtesy of the publisher.

    One winner will receive a bedtime story package: 

    • Copies of MUNCH!, SNIFF!, LICK! MOO, CAT and ALPHABET by Matthew Van Fleet

    Entries accepted through midnight August 27. Winner will be randomly drawn and notified August 28. Prize and shipping is responsibility of brand representatives, not Grandma's Briefs.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway  

    Disclosure: I received a free copy of Munch! for review before sharing this giveaway.


    Giveaway: Celebrate Hallmark Channel's original series 'Cedar Cove'

    Andie MacDowell in your living room every week? Yes, thanks to Hallmark Channel's new original series CEDAR COVE starring Andie MacDowell and based on the bestselling books by Debbie Macomber.

    In Debbie Macomber's CEDAR COVE, Andie MacDowell plays Judge Olivia Lockhart, whose Cedar Cove Municipal Court is the professional milieu and social microcosm of issues the judge will face in her own day-to-day life with family and friends. Jack Griffith (Dylan Neal), the editor of the Cedar Cove Chronicle, is a new friend and potential love interest for Judge Lockhart.

    Take a look:


    Watch CEDAR COVE Saturday nights at 8p/7c only on Hallmark Channel.

    Though we all come out winners as Andie MacDowell thanks to Ms. MacDowell staring in a weekly primetime television series, the Hallmark Channel will award one Grandma's Briefs reader an extra-special prize package in celebration of the CEDAR COVE.

    One winner will receive a $55 value package including: 

    • $25 Amazon Gift Card to purchase the CEDAR COVE book series
    • Recyclable shopping tote
    • Debbie Macomber’s 16 Lighthouse Road Book
    • Micro-Fleece winter beanie

    Enter via Rafflecopter below through midnight August 26. Winner to be randomly drawn August 27; prize to be shipped from the sponsor.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Disclosure: I received compensation for sharing this giveaway. That said, I share only giveaways I think would be of interest to Grandma's Briefs readers, compensated or not.


    Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt: A creamy treat, plus a $1-off coupon

    My grandsons' favorite spot to go for special sweets and treats is the frozen yogurt place in their town. They fill their bowls with the creamy goodness then top it with everything from M&Ms to gummy candies and more.

    When I visit with them, my favorite is the vanilla frozen yogurt topped with raspberries. My grandsons think that's kind of boring — why would you want fruit on your frozen yogurt when you could have candy? — but it suits me just fine and makes me smile.

    I recently had the opportunity to taste something similar to the creamy goodness my grandsons find at their favorite frozen yogurt spot — only I found it in the freezer aisle at my grocery store. It's creamy frozen yogurt and delicious real raspberries in a 4-ounce, 100-calorie serving. It's from Healthy Choice and is just one of the six flavors of Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt options now available at most grocers.

    As part of a Healthy Choice campaign I'm participating in with the Vibrant Nation Influencer Network, I received coupons for two free boxes of Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt. Naturally, I couldn't resist the raspberry flavor and used one coupon for that. The second coupon covered a box of the Dark Fudge Swirl flavor, as my hubby loves all things chocolate, so I figured I'd please his palate while I was at it. The other Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt flavors — which I'll definitely be trying in the future — are strawberry, vanilla bean, blueberry and honey.

    Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt comes in packages of 3 snack cups, so not only did my husband and I get to try out the treats, I shared the third cup from each flavor with my oldest daughter. All three of us agreed that both flavors were creamy and delicious and a perfect serving size for a snack or light dessert. It came as no surprise that of the two, the Raspberry flavor was my favorite, especially because the raspberry seeds proved to me the flavor was real fruit not just flavoring. It did come as a surprise, though, that my chocolate-loving hubby found the raspberry more appealing than the Dark Fudge Swirl — but only because he thought the fudge one needed more fudge.

    My daughter especially appreciated that at 100 calories per serving, the snacks wouldn't ruin her diet yet would satisfy her sweet tooth. And at just under $3 per box, each serving was right around $1, which wouldn't ruin her budget, either. Another bonus: Each serving provides 4 grams of protein, something most of us don't get enough of.

    Completely unrelated to food and flavor, I enjoyed the tops on the Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt individual cups. The lids had statements to make you smile as you open up your creamy treat. My fave: "Your smile will always be the best curve you have." Cuteness served up with the creaminess.

    If you'd like to try out Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt, be sure to print this coupon for $1 off. You'll find more information on the frozen dairy snack on the Healthy Choice website. 

    Disclosure: I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer Network Healthy Choice campaign. I have been provided coupons for free products and compensation for posting. Opinions and anecdotes are my own and were not influenced nor reviewed by Healthy Choice prior to posting.


    Still summer: Children's books for fun-filled dog days

    The calendar shows several weeks of summer remain, which means there's still time for outdoor and travel fun. These three books from Candlewick Press — which I recently received free for review — offer up plenty to enjoy during those final sun-filled summer days.

    children's books for summer

    Where's Waldo?Where's Waldo: The Totally Essential Travel Collection by Martin Handford (ages 5-9, Candlewick Press, $14.99 flexi-book) Waldo first hit the road way way back in 1987 and we've been searching for him ever since. This collection of all seven of the classic books in one is a must-have for anyone who spent hours poring over pictures highlighting the hijinks and adventures of the goofy guy donning glasses and a red-and-white striped sweater. From the original Where's Waldo on up through Where's Waldo: The Incredible Paper Chase, Waldo still beckons kids of all ages to search for him as he rambles on his merry and colorful way. Featuring several fold-out pages listing objects and people to find, plus an attached elastic band to mark one's spot in the book, readers will never lose their way in this entertaining book that's a perfect accompaniment on final summer travels by plane, train or automobile.

    Look Up!Look Up!: Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard by Annette LeBlanc Cate (ages 8 years and up, Candlewick Press, $15.99 hardcover) No need to travel when adventure awaits in your backyard, and author-illustrator LeBlanc Cate (she of The Magic Rabbit) shows bird-watchers — and bird-watcher wannabes — exactly how to find it. Every single page, including the front and back cover spreads, are filled to the brim with humorous but informative tips and tricks for finding feathered friends. It's a quirky and endlessly entertaining introduction to bird-watching via illustrations portraying various birds chatting about their distinctive characteristics, including color, shape, plumage, and beak and foot types. No need to read this fun guide from front to back — simply open to any page and you'll be smiling and seeking out wrens, woodpeckers, purple gallinules and more. Fun, fun, fun.

    Go Out and Play!Go Out and Play!: Favorite outdoor Games from KaBoom! by KaBoom (ages 5 years and up, Candlewick Press, $11.99 paperback). Speaking of fun, fun, fun in one's backyard, this collection encourages kids to, well, go out and play. KaBoom!, a non-profit "dedicated to saving play for America's children," provides all kids and grownups need to know for getting the ball rolling: how to play, number of players, ages, place space and equipment for each game. The seventy-one games include old favorites like Ghost in the Graveyard, Wall Ball, Capture the Flag, Red Rover and more, plus new ones I had never heard of, such as Snail, Lose the Bacon, and Don't Get Caught with the Cookie. Games are broken into category chapters (Tag Games, Team Games, Sidewalk Games and so forth) plus tips for facilitating play and ways to encourage safe — and fun — play spaces in the community. This book is a must for every Grandma Bag, for sure.

    Disclosure: I received these books free for review. Opinions are my own.