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    10 Disney FROZEN printable activities

    Disney FROZEN

    Courtesy Disney, here are ten Disney FROZEN activities to share with the kids.

    Click each image to open the .pdf file for that activity, then print or save on your computer. (Note: The memory cards activity is a six-page file, so it takes a bit. Spot the Difference is also fairly large, though just one page.)

    FROZEN activity


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    Keep Calm and Sleep On: Sleep apnea, OAT and a $50 gift card giveaway

    The following is a sponsored post for the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine's "Keep Calm and Sleep On" sleep apnea awareness campaign.

    The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine estimates 12 to 18 million adults in the United States suffer from sleep apnea, that pesky — and possibly downright life-threatening — condition that causes people to suddenly stop breathing during sleep. Which means chances are either you or someone else in your home exhibits the primary symptom of sleep apnea: loud, frequent and habitual snoring.

    It's a problem keeping a lot of folks — and their partners — from getting a good night's sleep. Lack of healthy sleep can be the least of the problems, though, as sleep apnea can increase the risk of a long list of serious health problems, including:

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    A whole new world... And a whole new Disney Classics Box Set to pre-order

    I have a condition. It's called earwormitis. See, I tend to get earworms — you know, songs stuck in my head — quite often. A lot of the time, those earworms are of a classic sort. A classic Disney sort.

    The Disney earworms hit at various times, but I'm always happy when they do. Be Our Guest kicks in when I'm planning a visit with my grandsons. I whistle along to Whistle While You Work playing in my head while doing housework. More often than not when calling my dog Mickey, it's followed by the Mickey Mouse Club March kicking into high gear in my head. And that's just the beginning.

    Disney Classics Box Set

    Whether you have earwormitis or not, you surely have favorite Disney songs you're happy to get stuck in your head. Your kids do, too. Undoubtedly, your grandchildren do as well. Songs favored by each generation likely differ, but chances are every single one of those songs is included in the all-new Disney Classics Box Set, now available for pre-order on

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    Ming Wang Knits: All wow and no wrinkles for conferences, red carpets and more

    Finding fabulous women's attire can be a challenge at times. Even more so when seeking outfits that travel well and are wrinkle-free out of the suitcase. And if you want all that in something that's machine washable, odds are you need good luck on your side to come up with a winning result.

    Let's just say I recently had good luck and more on my side when Ming Wang Knits contacted me about their 2013 Fall Collection. I'd been wondering and worrying about what to wear for two exceptional events I'll be attending in the next two weeks, and now I need wonder no more.

    I'm thrilled to tell you that Ming Wang Knits has offered me, for free, two fabulous outfits to wear not only to Bloggy Boot Camp - Brand Edition in Dallas this weekend, but to wear while snapping photos and taking notes during Red Carpet events at the Starz Denver Film Festival.

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    Shop smart: Best Buy Mobile Specialty Stores for smart phones, accessories

    This post sponsored by Best Buy.

    sponsored post badgeI’m not all that keen on shopping. I prefer a quick-and-easy, in-and-out experience over leisurely strolling from store to store. I usually know what I’m going for, so I tend to grab it, pay for it and get out.

    My modus operandi when it comes to shopping is one reason I like the idea behind the Best Buy Mobile™ specialty stores, especially during the holidays.

    With 414 Best Buy Mobile™ specialty stores nationwide — all conveniently located in malls and shopping centers — shoppers have the option of shopping the way I do. The quick-and-easy, in-and-out way.

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    A Disney Halloween: Haunting holiday music for you

    Disney Halloween Music

    Just what you needed for Halloween: a Disney Halloween playlist for your holiday gathering, courtesy Rdio!

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